Where is the beef? Re: Andargachew’s article

I was completely astonished and perplexed by Mr. Andargachew’s letter to the editor. Without mentioning any points from the article(s), Andargachew dismisses the whole article as ‘worthless dribble’. I am at a complete loss of his objective in writing the article. From the onset it has the appearance of a letter of intimidation. It seems to me rather than trying to rest on his merit, Andargachew is trying to intimidate all of us, including Debteraw, to take his word as that of the almighty.


Until I saw Andargachew’s letter I was not aware of the critical articles on Kinijit’s leadership. After reading Andargachew’s article, however, I went back read and reread the Amharic article by Tessema Ergete to find a cause for Andargachew’s  rage, to see if there is any hidden phrase in the article that makes it ‘worthless’ as Andargachew want us to believe; but found nothing. To the contrary, I found the letter genuine and with unquestionably relevant and timely questions about Kinijit.  


Tessema enumerates many of his well founded suspicions and concerns on Kinijit’s international leadership. Chief among them are Tessema’s question of the overall competence of the leadership and Mr. Andargachew’s authenticity. Tessema asserts, supported with ample evidence, that Mr. Andargatchew (the alleged ‘hand picked’ leader of kinijit) and few other elements of the leadership work against the core believes, objectives, and spirit of Kinijit. However, rather than giving us reason to the contrary, or refuting Tessema’s assertions by giving honest and diligent arguments and reasons he [Andargachew] dismisses the article as worthless, and batters everyone including Debteraw.


·        Given Mr. Andargachew’s recent-past intimate relation with Meles and the gang.

·        Given Mr. Andargachew’s constant vacillation on major political issues,

·        Given his track record of flowing with the wind every decade or so;

 70s = EPRP, 80s = DERG, 90s = EPDRF and Now = 00s = Kinijit

·        Given his inconsistent, unprincipled political stance of the past, the writer legitimately question how much trust followers of Kinijit should bestow upon Andargachew and his leadership. Many of us think it is a fair and legitimate question. I was expecting Andargachew to give reasons and arguments to win the trust and mind of Tessema. Nevertheless Mr. Andargchew refuses to give us a clean straightforward answer to the question and valid explanation to the concern.  

I believe it is the quality of the relationship of leaders and followers that makes or breaks organizations. If this relationship is infected with suspicion the organization is bound to erode and die. It is the duty and responsibility of the parties, leaders and followers, to engage in civilized discourse and eliminate suspicions and build understanding. As a follower, Tessema articulated his fear and concerns. Andargachew as a ‘leader’ should have known his responsibility to address Tessema’s fear and concerns and win  his trust.  Instead, Andargachew chose to brush it off by rudely labeling the article ‘worthless.. dribble of innuendos and  insinuations’. This is scary. Where is ‘respectful discourse with those with differing position’ that used to be preached?

What is more frightening is the fact that as an individual who glorifies himself as one who grasps the ‘full meaning of Freedom’ more than anyone else, will miss the basic fact that a true leader answers to his/her constituents. Unless he [Andargachew] still think that this is utopia and insinuation of ‘bitter men of yesteryears’?

Dear Mr. Tsegie,

Just because you claim to be the ‘hand-picked’ leader of kinijit, Just because you wrote a divisive chorology of events and people that you call book ‘about Netsanet’; Just because you think no one but you ‘fully understand’ the meaning of ‘freedom’ and hence has the right to fight for it in the name of all freedom loving Ethiopians, Just because you believe those who don’t follow your line of shortcut politics are ‘bitter men and women of yesteryears’ doomed to fail, …doesn’t mean that we should tumble down and throw the red carpet for you and accept your word without question.  No. We will continue to ask, we will continue to challenge on all areas that don’t add-up.  We expect civil answer and explanation to our questions and concerns.

I hope you will reconcile your ego and utterly obnoxious self serving behaviors and give us straightforward answers to the questions raised on the article. Give us the beef.

Thank you  
Tilahun, B.

South East, Washington D.C.

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