Political Sabotage of Insiders

By Getachew Reda 

I am talking about the agenda of the CUD International (KIL) on which they are trying to conspire against Ethiopia’s sovereignty, how they are trying to fool us to implement their mercenary agenda of “Insider” by became the latest “most energized” racist agents collaborating with armed separatist groups. It indeed became clearer to many of us, at this time of historical juncture, CUD is  “taking over’ the roll of TPLF’s of 1991 exactly as the TPLF “Insiders” were collaborating with the EPLF secessionists, rattling their sabers with one hand dangling the olive branch with the other. Naturally, we witnessed everyone gravitated towards the controlled by another arm of the entity that was rattling the sabers. The roll of CUD-International is becoming a full time job to facilitate secessionist conspiracy as a shield instead of focusing to release the imprisoned leaders of CUD in Ethiopia.

First of all, this kind of conspiracy is not the first time we the Ethiopians experienced to the being a victim of  Insider’. It happened several times in the past, and also in our times known as “the Greatest Conspiracy secretly agreed and signed by “TPLF, OLF, and EPLF” in 1991 in Europe (London) architect by foreign powers that gave away two sea ports to Eritrea illegally and unfairly and landlocked Ethiopia for ever surrounded by Arab/Islamic state extremists who showed discontent to Ethiopian Christianity constantly since history started to record until now as we speak. 

Others and I are worried about the future unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia, seeing the canning of the OLF/CUD International elites comparing with the softness, confusion and vulnerability of the Ethiopian population. Honestly, I never been worried before than this frightening time after seeing the OLF conferences in different countries participated by some American X- officials (?) and some European countries and religious institutions conducted in the past one year.  And for our surprise such conspiracy is also currently supported by the “insiders” of CUD leadership in the Diaspora in which they are trying illegally and unwisely clearing all the legitimate demands forwarded by Ethiopians for OLF to response before becoming one of us as a precondition if it wants to participate in the Ethiopian politics as an “Ethiopian” not as “a foreigner organization” if it wants to seize/share power in the coming Ethiopia. Without going OLF so much, CUD did the job for OLF as its puppet. Now few of us are familiar with this news why.  Find out Prof. Aleme Eshete’s material and get a specific understanding to find out who is behind organizing these groups naming themselves as AFD/OLF if you doubt it. The picture is bigger than only EPLF is behind it.  

Having said that, the conspiracy can be defeated. The “insiders” are not omnipotent. We confronted TPLF/EPRF exposing its political and economic corruption for years- when we said such, -none of the TPLF leaders and members came to agreed with us until abruptly TPLF split into two, on which finally Meles  Zenawi agreed with us that his organization was drunk with ”obsolete power”, nepotism, favoritism, partiality, undemocratic practices, etc. on which he tried to reform it foolishly/cunningly as “TEHADDISO” to use it as a cover-up for revenge against his opponents. 

This recent conspiracy of CUD-International lead by the  “Insiders” too is heading in a very dangerous and frightening road. It is supported by foreign powers; it is dressed up with lies many of the times with “myth”. It fools itself carelessly believing “democracy” will prevailed if OLF and the rest of the secessionists never mind they refuse to change their demand of cessation or refuse to admit Ethiopiawinet with all their anti Ethiopian attitude if they are allowed on stage to spread racism and divisive lie. No question, the conspiracy can be defeated. This job is largely a matter of getting others to realize that they have been conned and are continuing to be conned.  Unfortunately, the situation seems favorable to “Insiders” we are witnessing some Ethiopian media considered as strong Ethiopians serving the “Insider’s” destructive agenda as well to spread their distorted message of conning the public on which we are tiered of being called colonialists.  

Dedicated individuals can defeat the “Insider’s” conspiracy because, our fight works outside the channels that they control. No doubt the secessionist OLF is using CUD as a vehicle to fulfill its mission as many innocent Ethiopian scholars conned by TPLF in 1991 considering the TPLF as patriotic party who will never landlocked Ethiopia to favor Eritreans on which at the end of the day did what was feared and fooled them as he did to the Badime and other border conflicts in Tigray as well after many patriots died and wounded.  

The people never thought that the TPLF leadership might go to the “fake” International Border Commission agree to the demand of EPLF in a final and binding of court agreement. Many were shocked after hearing such agreement, regardless of the shock and the mood and disbelieve of the people, TPLF did bent to Isyas’s demand to give up Badime and other borderlands finally. This so called “CUD-international (KIL) currently also is going to be the vehicle of OLF. It is only logical that the “insiders” will try to apply the coup de grace against Ethiopia through a multi party Ethiopian Icon leaders/party, simply because most people cannot believe that a party like CUD could be soft on secessionist ideology or would jeopardize our liberty or sovereignty. But, it is clear now, suppose to be the watchdog is subdued and tends to go to sleep conformably with OLF.  If you recall the comment of Professor Getachew Haile regarding the AFD formation when it was known to the public early, his comment was just that “ I have a lot of trust on this individuals in CUD, that they will not jeopardize our liberty and sovereignty”. This is absolutely innocent comment but “naïve”.  

The “Insiders” want the “issue” between the parties to be cloudy and gray, contain on personalities, not principles. As one of the con leaders of the OLF commented, “We are good individuals, nothing to fear of us” This people believed in personality and close relations not principle.   Any one who disagrees with their conspiracy is vulnerable to insults leveled as medieval mind, Derg, Colonialist, anti ethnic; anti Oromo culture…Believe it or not CUD or OLF are guided by the mind of the socialist principles and conning methods. As many of you know, neither party can come out strongly on the TPLF constitution, a goal in practice a racist/segregation administrative system. As long as it is pushing its socialist programs they agreed to accept it. But that is the way the insiders wanted it. 

I like to pass my concern to all Ethiopian patriots-the issue, very simply, is the enslavement of you and your children. Just because many of these “Insiders” are theoretically Ethiopians, some of them indeed served the TPLF in a high positions just until before the election of May, and several patriots were in the mark when they warned us about them not to trust them, due to the fact that their mind is marinated with TPLF socialistic doctrine of nation, nations, nationality and people…all of the communist/socialist classic terms)/ no one gave them attention except few fellows when these patriotic individuals argued and warned us before this all happened several years back,  They predicted, that the collaborators of TPLF whom some later became members of CUD might again become a puppet to the OLF and other secessionists as they did collaborated with the hired communist thugs of TPLF/EPLF to implement secession agenda further worst than TPLF. When I remember their argument now, I concluded, their prediction was correct. It is been known for years until now as we speak, OLF’s leadership illusionary of a country called Oromia is their world of dream. It was not to foster the range of natural relation among all humankind. We also know that OLF/EPLF elites are most energized agents of racism ever seen in African record file of betrayal. Why OLF/EPLF leadership is agents of racism does not fascinate me.  I am talking about those of taking double standard who claimed they are for sovereignty of Ethiopia at the same time sleeping on the political bed with those racists comfortable whom adamantly proclaiming and vowed not to cease to be anti Ethiopian people. What I am often fascinated is not by them, but by the strongest advocates and most serious scholars of social equality and yet are simultaneously among the most energized agents of racism.




I am also worried the collaboration of the    opposition media. I noticed last time one of the opposition radio (Netsanet Le Ethiopia radio) tried to save the image of one of his OLF guest from being dubbed by Ethiopians audiences as anti Amhara after he (Dr, Beyan Hussen from OLF) commented his real “hidden” heart  “THE AMHAR PEOPLE ARE THE OPPRESSOR OF THE OROMO PEOPLE”. Beyan reluctantly and quickly corrected it and put his claim differently but still he was around the corner bashing the Amhara culture and language as dominant and abusive- for being a national language (Can some one tell me if the 80 of the dialects (what ever the number is) can be national languages in Ethiopia at the same time?) What does majority and minority language have to do as long as any of the “indigence” language is able to reach as many as possible as a common bridge of communication? 





To the insiders and their collaborators the word “Amharic” as a national language is meant nothing. Even, Ethiopia is meant nothing to that ignorance, uneducated (though they posses PHD from— I don’t know from where!!), hopeless and destructed elites. They don’t want to mention the name “Ethiopia unless forced unwillingly to mention it to address their mission of cessation (the conspiracy). OLF and Cud agreed, being an Ethiopian is no more valid in the upcoming CUD/OLF government. Listen to the incompetent fellow from OLF Central Committee the interview he gave to Isayas (NeTsanet Le Ethiopia).  “ETHIOPIA TINUR ATINUR” is what he stressed repeatedly, and it didn’t bothered his conscience at all one iota that millions of fellow Ethiopian human beings have been slaughtered in Adwa, Maichew, Harrar, Mekele, Tembiyen. SelekleKa, Axum, Gundagundi, Doggali, and Nakfa- … their churches burned, historical artifacts doomed to ashes by the “Insiders” and foreign powers (Italian Fascists, Egyptians, Arabs, Muslim Extremists…).  The Ethiopian people bear bravely all kind of painful scars, and sorrow and to make sure keep Ethiopia passed as it was to the next generation. That, painful growth of a nation from all odds is nothing to Dr. Beyan of OLF and bothered his conscience one iota “whether Ethiopia is going to survive or not” (“ETHIOPIA TINUR ATINUR”) continue as a nation as long as his dream of myth of  “Oromia” comes true, the rest of the issue of “survival of Ethiopia” is  “insignificant” to him. And, yet the “Insiders” from CUD –International (CUD/OLF) are telling us through their collaborator media to feel “comfortable”.  



You like it or not the take over by OLF (which is likely because foreigners and some Insiders from CUD-International (KIL) are pushing them behind to go for the take over power after TPLF/Meles reign is over. This phenomenon might be inevitable as they too are telling us with confidence. My dear Ethiopians! You are in this fight whether you wanted it or not. This is because, the insiders of CUD as the insiders of the EPLF inside the TPLF did play the roll of conspiracy, they too are in this game; so that you became a victim when your country is divided into many different countries under different presidents and flags of divided people to create border conflicts by people of different entities claiming of rivers, lands, lakes, hills and accesses, mineral and natural rich sources. You have an enormous amount stake. They are taking Ethiopia to the world of chaos as it is in Somalia. Mark my word! The principle of ethnic politics is risky politics that all will loose. It simply is a game for confused unstable elites and political gamblers with doctrine of betrayal that preaches all human are not of the same fabric and same family.  

The “Insiders” of CUD-International are counting on your being too preoccupied with other issues than bothered by their agenda of conspiracy, they count on you too be lazy to fight back while chains of slavery and disunity and conflict are fastened on you much faster than you can imagine. They are counting on your mass media to con you, frighten you Ethiopia to be a land of conflict if OLF doesn’t come to the leadership roll to lead the TPLF constitution (Amendment 39), in to more dangerous of division or ridicule you out of saving your country. Cud is doing the best OLF job, they are telling you it is not them but that it is the people who decide if Ethiopia is to stay as a nation or not. They forgot that as if we don’t remember, many times in history, “people” could be con against their interest. They forgot that the people of German and the majority of the American and the people of Italy supported Racism and Segregation and went with the proclamation that constituted blacks or Jews are lower level human beings. The so-called “majority of the people”supported it legally in their constitution. And. you and I know, it is not the people that is conning themselves, but conned by Insiders who the “people” think can’t endanger their sovereignty and dignity and unity of the people. It is like, during “inflation”- business blames Inflation on the unions, and the unions blame inflation on business, but only the government can cause “inflation”. Yes, people do miracle when they use their rights properly, but let us also not fool ourselves that it is always the  “down trodden people” who decided for themselves. You wish. The name of the game is called “myth!”   

Remember- the EPLF blamed TPLF and the TPLF blamed the EPLF government for starting the war. The people in the middle was conned to their assertion of accusation. Because of it- the “people” went to war against each other believing each of their leaders were telling them the truth, which was not the case. So, the talking of “people” as is the deciding factor and the “judge” is been only nominal- not practical. It is a baloney!! The insiders, the elites are the factors to conning the people’s mind when it comes to power and politics. TPLF officials told us with their dishonest tongue, “it was the Ethiopian people who Okayed voluntary to be landlocked themselves so that Eritrea to secede,” and yet, we know who did the entire job for the Eritreans and who okayed to landlocked Ethiopia. It was the “Insider’s job! Okay? 

Here again, I am not worried the saber rattling of the monotonous OLF elites whose position and motive is clear (to dismantle the Ethiopia as a nation of no entity- Ethiopia Tinur Atinur is the motive of the OLF elites), What made me worried is the position of the KIL officials (the “Insiders”) in collaborating with the OLF replacing the position of TPLF of 1991 exactly as the TPLF Insiders was collaborating with EPLF secessionists rattling their sabers with one hand dangling the olive branch with the other. Naturally everyone gravitated towards the controlled by another arm of the entity that is rattling the sabers. No wonder the, OLF elites have their confidence brandishing, that we were not aware, that their pets from CUD were primp inside us to achieve their world of “Oromia” under OLF dictatorship, as EPLF became the dictator of Eritrea who enslaved the Eritreans who gravitated willingly or unknowingly toward the EPLF olive branch to finally ended-up be the victim of the “The political sabotage of insiders”. Will this be achieved in future Ethiopia? Let us wait and see.  

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  1. Do I care if Ethiopia exist or not. First i wannna make sure that I am can live as Oromiyaan. I don’t if Ethiopia goes to hell if it doesn’t respect me as an Oromo.

  2. Andargachew Tege’s unprincipled and opportunistic move has compromised the survival of our country for the second time. If he had an interest of the Ethiopia people he wouldn’t have collaborated with Weyane and Shabia to facilitate secession of Eritrea, dismantling of the Ethiopian national army, ethnic cleansing of Amharas in the east and south, uprooting of Ethiopians from their land ownership by his lease and humiliation of Ethiopia.

    When he left Weyane he did not attack the policies of Weyane but wrote a book to weaken and divide the main opposition force of the time, AAPO. Now thanks to foolish AAPO members, they handed over the organization that many paid their life to Andargachew.

    If Andargachew had an interest of the Ethiopia people he would have published his books many years ago. No now. He wrote the book as soon as he realized Weyane is in trouble and proves his street credential and acceptance of the opposition party. The book has achieved its intended objective successfully. Now he is the leader of the opposition to drag the CUD to its final grave.

  3. This is Getachew Reda-
    Let me also leave you for your information with this piece one more time regarding Endargachew Tsege. He is the leader of the KIL (CUD-International) who was the leading candleholder of “Utrecht Conference” and cosigner of what I called it “The MERA Manifesto” (Manifesto for Energized Racist Agents). All these are nothing but anti Ethiopia mercenary secessionist hate groups. I hope you did listen his several interviews in the past. Particularly, his first interview. After I listen to his interview, I said to my self “ this must be “the man!” who might repeat the London Conspiracy to carry the “OAK Tree” Flag to Addis Ababa from Utrecht via Bale”. Let me revise to you what I listened on the interview he gave after the conference. Here are the points I thought should be challenged. He takes it for granted that he should decide the future of Ethiopia with the Banda OLF and his foreign power supporters, as well as Banda Issayas and Meles.
    1. He says the purpose of AFD is to call an all-inclusive conference in the presence of TPLF’s Meles as well as Issayas’ EPLF. He said he accepted the TPLF tribal dismemberment constitution and TPLF itself, as well as the US without which it will not be practical to call a conference. “Ya Selam! Ya Selam! -Ale Sudanawee Sigermew).

    Then when asked why UDEF has taken a critical stand against the Utrecht conference he responds by telling lies. As you well remember what from the interview of brother Aregawi Berhe and brother Dr. Negede who had attended the Utrecht Conference as UEDF representative, and as you may know the whole delegation, (they were three) had left the conference. And I hope you have read their detailed reaction.

    Then he was asked what was the position of KINJIt leaders in prison. He refused to respond, saying he did not want to involve them in the process. WACH THIS FELLOW! What did he just said very recently in his latest interview? “I didn’t and don’t and will not do any decision without getting permission from them. Every steps and decision made was approved and Okayed by them. I can testify this and I will say it now I will say it tomorrow and fin the future after their release from prison in front of them”. Fellow Ethiopians, Can someone tell me what is this fellow up to? Few months a go, he didn’t want to involve them on such dangerous journey while they were on trial on TPLF/Meles court for treason. Now these leaders are still facing a treason trial and experiencing harsh and cruel punishments everyday from TPLF reign. What was for his reason at first he didn’t want to involve them in the process, BUT- now, he changed his mind and all in a sadden he involved them on this dangerous process of association. Can those OLF Lawyer experts with PhD holders clear this anomaly for us? Did they share their expertise on this issue or purposely they trapped him to say it in order to endangered them? Who knows, as long as there is insider, there is always conspiracy. Don’t get me wrong, I just ask.

    He was then asked why “Tawaqi Sewoch” who are concerned and have contributed greatly to the nation, were not consulted. His reply was “I don’t know” your “tawaqi sewoch”. I don’t know what you are talking about.” Ya, Selam! Ya Selam! Don’t blame him. He only is familiar with the Americans and Utrecht Tawaki Sewoch as consultants on what he should do. TEGERMENI BELE TIGRE! Says some of my good Amhara friends when we joke around. I love it; they made me laugh when I heard their Tigringa accent. Amazing world isn’t it? There is no Tawaki Sewoch any more in the eye of Endargachew. They all disappear slowly and gradually one at time by his TPLF gurus. I don’t blame him, if he doesn’t know them. But, he should have known better the Tawaki Sewoch of Ethiopia before he sit down and write a book about YE AMARA HEZB KEYET WEDEYET? May be he missed them there too?

    He says his target is to build a democratic and united Ethiopia and when challenged what purpose it would server to have a conference with the OLF, which was anti-Ethiopia and believes in breaking away three-fourth of Ethiopia to build Oromia. His response was that it was worth attempting to convert OLF. Brother, there is no phony middle ground, buts or ifs; sovereignty is not a commodity to be bargained. “The Union must be preserved!! They say during the American federalist Era brother! That is what they have to agree, if not they will still stay another monotonous stay in Sawa- if they are lucky Isayas is not going pushed them out and close his office to tell them “go away you smell like you are a burned food” as he did told them before publicly in his interview. Jero Yalew Yesma!! Isayas is unpredictable. Let alone for OLF he didn’t care for TPLF who facilitated his freedom with the silver spoon on his hand.

    Another objective of the conference was to determine the borders between Ethiopia and Eritrea and thus bring about peace and end the threat of war between the two. Wey Tu GUDU! Tigermeni Ale Tigre! Listen brothers/sister “to determine.. the…what? To determine the border. Between who and who? Between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Lady/Gentlemen, what can I say? He can’t determine his own party leaders to bring their suffering to an end, he got the nerve to talk about bringing peace and end the threat of war between Eritrea and Ethiopia as if he is United nation officer. Can you believe this decorated phony, walking through Myth after myth? Wey Tugudu! Tigermini! Tigermini!–/–//-//

  4. Please give time for AFD!
    What is your alternative struggle?
    How many times have you tried, to host a round-table discussion with AFD?
    Enat Ethiopia and her poor people need Tewodros II.
    Metelalef deha adergo new yaskeren.
    Please, make compromise and join together and attack our ENEMY!!!!
    Kedada atestu letelatochachen!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Give your heart for our poooooor people.

  5. How could we forget what happened 17 years ago? EPLF Is a soreget mother of TPLF and OLF. They even hate the name ETHIOPIA, the goal was to destroy our beloved country and our people. The future of ETHIOPIA and ETHIOPIANS were in the hands of mighty GOD. Thanks to him saved us. That was a good leason. NEVER and EVER compromise on the sovereignty of our country and on the well being of our people. EPLF, TPLF, and OLF became enemies on the divission. ” Leba sikafel engi siserk aytalam.” The two tigrians got their portion leaving OLF empty handed. Now OLF is trying to fool us again. OLF who never abandoned its colonial and secessionist theory can not be trusted. We will trust Only when OLF abandons its colonial and secessionist theory and declare itself ETHIOPIAN and stand for ETHIOPIAN unity holding hands with the rest of their ETHIOPIAN brothers and sisters. LOVE ETHIOPIA.

  6. I have seen Getachew Reda’s posting years back, which calls on the rest of Ethiopians to remove the Oromo people from thier home land Oromia. And hear he tries to tell us that OLF is anti ETHIOPIAN simply becuase OLF to bring freedom and justice for the people who’s very existance have been denied by the Amhara elites.

  7. I appreciate Getachew Reda’s analysis of the KNAL and the OLF motives. And I have no doubt every Ethiopian who loves his country knows very well what is going on the name of Kinijit and the Ethiopian people.
    It is pretty naive to think that Ethiopians will be deceived continuously for a third of s century by lethal and poisonous propaganda of the old enemy.
    They should have been realized the Great Ethiopians are so humble and YILUNTEGNA not to offend those moron brothers of us who called themselves GENTAYOCH (liberators).
    They should have been known that YILUGNETA is not FEAR. They should have been learned from the Italians, Egyptians, Ottomans, Mehadists and recently from Somalis.
    History have already documented Ethiopians move any mountain which deems to be hostile to their religion, country and their very survival.
    I think enough is enough! Ethiopia wants to tell you one hard fact. Those who love her as their mother will embrace them with love and affection irrespective of the language they speak, the color they have, the clan they represent or the belief they uphold. Ethiopia will provide them the resource it has equally and fairly. And Ethiopia expects them to share her good times or worst time, her happiness or sorrow, her achievement or loss, her strength or weakness, everything to share equally and fairly from north to south from east to west. Period.
    But for those who dare to deny its very existence, who toil for her destruction and who conspire with her historic enemies she has an answer! Get off from my back!!! If you feel you are not my children and you feel you will be better of with out me; like the former BETE ISRAELS you have to trace back your history and origin and have to leave with out any fuss to where you may belong! You must know that no body brought this land either from South Arabia or Madagascar! Then you have got to know no body can get back what he or she brought before.
    Ethiopia is not created after world war II I recommend you to refer at least to the Holy Bible. No race has the moral ground to claim an exclusive right except , if we are going to be fair, for the indigenous the Omotic and perhaps the Nilo Saharans. Forget the Cushitics and the Semitics. Ethiopia is a promised land. Ethiopia welcomes any black people to live in its abode. The Ras Tafarians can be a case in point.
    For those who engaged and collaborated for the destruction of this sovereign land by means of deception and the use of violent action, let them know EZIAM BET ISAT ALLE.
    We want to tell them if there is anything achievable is a united effort to bring peace, basic human right and the rule of law. We want to tell them don’t kill your precious time on matter which is simply self destructive and in fact have a grave consequences on those individuals who mastermind this zero-sun-game.
    Our common enemy is poverty, bad governance and backwardness. In any measurement an idea of break-up is a recipe for disaster. We have already witnessed the devastating impact of the brake away of the Eritrea province creates a huge loss of life and material wealth. More importantly, it is still lingering to cost both peoples on the opposite side of Mereb. Don’t be silly here again Ethiopians will repeat the same old story which will potentially create at least 88 wars between the would be created 88 states on control of resources. We want to make it clear that to our enemies and friends alike, we don’t want it to happen any more. We are ready more than ever to pay the ultimate price to defend the interest of our country and the well being ness of the entire people of Ethiopia.
    Here the good news is, at this moment, the Ethiopian people clearly identified who is working against us and who is with us. Now we have a clear mission and strategy. The other good news is, thanks to Shaabiya, TPLF, OLF and its likes, we got a good reason to stand in unison and defend our beloved country Ethiopia from traitors and sworn enemies.

    Negede Habesha
    From the heart of GREAT ETHIOPIA

  8. I am an Ethiopian who believed in the rights of nations and nationalities to be free from any oppression and live their life as equals with their fellow Ethiopians.

    OLF is one of the organizations who is fighting for the Oromo peoples right and their representative on Nestanet Radio last week was reachinhg to Ethiopians and explained convincigly whay OLF joined others and formed AFD.

    CUD is an organization who has popular support as was recorded on May 2005 stolen election and at this time chooses to form an alliance with the Oromos who are now terrorized and killed like CUD supporters in Ethiopia.

    There is nothing wrong with this alliance and it is a result of the situation of our country and I do not see any conspiracy here and no foreign power has control of this.

    Eritrea supported this alliance and we should not be embarassed by it because Eritrea is an independent country and has projected its influence not only in Ethiopia but Somalia and Sudan.

    Those who condemn OLF as secessionist have no base in any part of Oromo areas and have no vision what to do to get rid of the racist regime of Melese Zenawi except radio programs transmission to Ethiopia.

    Melese can only go by gun and the Ethiopian army top officers are now deserting it and join OLF and EPPF and we can remove this regime to start the national reconcillation.

    The good sign is Ethiopians support the AFD as their savior as we hear from listeners radio calls in VOA from Ethiopia and internet postings.


  9. This is me again Baraki:
    If we ask ourselves, why we do not trust OLF. It is just simple. OLF is an organization who claimed Oromia was colonized by ETHIOPIA during Emperor Manilik. Can any one give me an ugly uneducated theory than this? I do n’t know about you. For me, I realy do n’t know what to expect from this organization. No body colonizes no body. The Oromo people are our abesha brothers and sisters. In 1530 A.D. the Oromo people marched from southern Ethiopia all the way up to Raya-Kobo, Raya-Azebo, and Wajirat. Too far away for Olf to claim an Olf teritory. To my Oromo brothers and sisters it is their land and their teritory, because, it is the same ETHIOPIA. And that is why the Rayan Oromos are also the chika shums[landlords] in that region. This hapened before king Minilik’s great great grand father was not even born.This is also a simple historical fact how inter weaven our society is. Any group who will try to break up this society will break up itself. I hope Olf will learn from this and correct its wrong policy.
    Unwisely Cooperation or Alliance will be foolish gamling on the unity and sovereignty of ETHIOPIA.
    We have to defend our country.
    Afd is conspiracy.

  10. All things to the war front, the slogan of Mengistu brought us those who said everybody can go its way but we have to control the gun and the money.

    The Oromo people at this time has OLF as an equivalent to CUD which has multiethnic supporters, and these two organizations will infact determine the future of our politics.

    If we believe in one man one vote we can not ignore OLF even if we do not agree with them in all issues, and at least CUD agreed to solve everything by negotiation and formed AFD.

    We are not talking about here the origin and history of Oromos and that will be for students of history, and we are here to debate how this proud people, can live in dignity on their land without any body tells them what to speak and how to write, most of all questioned whether they are Ethiopians or not?. We should ask that question EPDRF, not the Oromos who died in thousands for Ethiopia.

    General Kamal and others who defected from the army recently told us for any one who has open heart, their struggle is to remove the racist and defeated regime of Melese Zenawi to give power to the winners of the May election.

    General Kamal and others, sons of Oromos and Ethiopians, I salute you for your open and frank statement you made and the support and leadership you are going to give will make a big difference and many fellow officers are joining you to oust this racist regime.

    Those who are going to liberate us by giving lectures of our history, the Ethiopian people at present are making history, that we all will be proud in the future.

    AFD is a result of the people struggle and not a conspiracy imagined in some peoples mind.

  11. This is me again Baraki-
    Brother Tedla Asfaw, I realy like what you wrote above. But, just tell a single instance that the Olf clearly states it has abandoned its colonial and secessionist policy and declaired itsef Ethiopian and stand for Ethiopian unity. NONE . NADA. Olf can fight and stand for the Oromo people . I support that that. Believe me, there can not be peace, democracy, equality, and fairness with out full participation of all nationalities and idividuals. I am from norther ETHIOPIA[Tigray]. I have been fighting Tplf through out my life. I know Tplf from the start.The Tigray people did n’t benefit from Tplf for that matter nor the Eritrean people from Eplf. It is only the few Tplf leaders who made the most out of it all. I do n’t think an honest Ethoipian who love his/her country and love his/her people want to see simillar agonies of inter-ethnic fightings, tensions, bad governace, and mutual destruction after the Tplf regime. I call upon the Oromo people to rise up and demand OLF to abandon its colonial policy. Because, that is the ESSENCE of the problem. Once again cooperatoin and alliance for freedom should be with out any slightest compromise on the sovereignty of our country and the wellbeing of the ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE. I love my people and my country.I will not support any shady deal who will lead us from Tplf destruction to another maybe worst destruction.

  12. totally this is an old script idea that destroy Ethiopia.Long live for 84 ethnics whom we love and give value equally in this new era.

  13. Dear all Ethiopians:
    The reason we abhore OLF and other separatist fronts is their backward vision of disunity against the current international trend of merger and Globalization.
    The time to think about village is long gone. Now visionaries dreaming even beyound this planet. With the advent of the information technology the worl become increasingly smaller and smaller.
    The other reson which contributes to the marginalization of OLF is they are not able to deliver new idea. Bantustanization is already failed TPLF. Hence, OLF is not the kind of front who can learn from others or its own mistakes.
    Most importantly, we do not have faith in peoples who called themselves liberators and believe in violence. I can give you plenty of examples of failed liberation fronts to deliver the promised freedom and democracy. Museveni of Uganda, Isayas of Eritrea, Meles of Ethiopia, in Kongo, Zimbabwe, etc,.
    One more reason: Extrimism; OLF displays a fervent extrimist vie based on racial philosophy. For them the Oromigna speakers are the supreme entity, first class citizens and the rest of more than 70 nationalities are nothyng. They are are working to gain group superimacy rather than individual right which is the norm of the civillized world.
    I want to show you one important lesson from extrimist failure. In Uganda ther is an extrimist front called The Salivation Army who wanted to have a state governed by strict christian philosophy by marginalizing other religions. As any body can guess, the salvation army could not make it after a huge price. The reason is extremism is not in the best interest of Ugandans for that matter. Hqwever the consquence of this long civil war is the direct marginalization of the North Uganda peoples in which te the fighters are operating. While the rest of Ugandans are in a middle class living standard, the northerns are still in the stone age. Therefore, the OLF plan of waging protracted war to libeerate what they call Oromiya first and formost hurts the people living in. No problem for Dawud Ibsa and his company who make living in the west on the name of Oromo.
    I believe OLE will ever learn like its predecessors, the TPLF and EPLF. But I am sure the peoples of Oromo speakers in particular and the Ethiopian in general will say enough is enough.
    If OLF was wise they may redress former mistakes openly and could have made an impresive solidarity with all political actors in Ethiopia and make a difference to root out the decaying TPLF rule in short period of time to build a democratic Ethiopia fair for all citizens.
    In the eyes of most Ethiopians, OLF is no more different from TPLF, EPLF. And I need not to tell you what these groups are to Ethiopians:
    Any one who can not learn from its mistakes is nothing but MORON. And morons are for no body!
    Obang Ujilu

  14. Here I am again- (this Getachew Reda) I read few OLF sympathizers comments with dismay. Not it is these fellows are irritants by nature or by purpose but brainwashed who unknowingly became instrumental to the OLF elites- whose goal is simply power and control. They want to build nothing that doesn’t put them first. This citizen of Ethiopia calling themselves citizens of Oromoea is illusionary nourishment to control the poor Ormo people by OLF elites and their likes. They hate Democratic Federalism and propagate Ethnic federalism or cessation instead. Why in the world would someone want to secede knowing and lately one of their leaders admitted publicly “the oppressor of Oromo is not any particular name of Community/ people but individual government leaders who placed themselves on power without democratic election- he pointed out Menlik, Haileselassie, TPLF/Meles government”. Why is it then, secession in the mind of the OLF elites as primary goal- even if it is last option? (Which heaven on earth is the cessation going to take the Oromo people other than what we are seeing around the world- misery and another bloodshed of dictatorship to control the Oromo people- we are witnessing the misery, imprisonment, repression, fleeing to Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Malta, Italy…walking all over deserts with nomads and caravans, kidnapping planes refusing to go back to Eritrea…etc of all sort of stress) This phenomenon is the dilemma of our time. These ethnocentric and racist secessionists never bring an idea that nourished human society of oneness. They feel embarrassed jalousie, humiliated, threaten of their ability to organize their community if someone out of their community tried to organize, support, help, consult, associate their community with a feeling of a greater aspiration in institution building to share their humanity for better social change. Because they have a narrow outlook and extreme compassion/love towards their community- they feel their compassion might be taken over by someone who is out of their community and feel vulnerable as a possessive husband. Humanity, democracy and sister/brotherhood are out of the question in these elites eye. In the mind of these elites no one can love and respect they’re given community only, but only them.. That is what leads the narrow nationalist TPLF (Tigray) versus the EPRP (Ethiopia) conflict in Tigray. This is similar with the OLF I am talking about (may be worst). Such elites with such narrow compassion towards their given community float their soul out of touch mythically and pour unbelievable compassion of touch when they feel incompetent and create a sense of inferior when encounter, a bright leadership of any other political organization than theirs. Anytime this happened, or they feel their politics gets rotten, outdated, they threaten the union of the nation and started campaign of character assassination against the fabricated “imaginary colonizer”, (as TPLF used to say ABAY ETHIOPIA and the OLF and Islamic extremist in Ethiopia demanding for disintegration from us the Habesha/Abyssinia)- this doesn’t happen only on OLF, TPLF,EPLF, …..It does happened all over the world now and in the olden times.
    The perception of greater institution/human institution building is unacceptable if it doesn’t put them first. They are soaked and tinted so shallowly and darkly- you hear them you always read them “no one can tell me about me or about my oromo people or my people, beside an Oromo person”. The notoriousness of such ignorance of such faith and claim is not only so absurd but very, very sad. Amaharic speaking Surgeon General can’t teach me and pilot me right about medical surgical /anatomy/physiology class if he is not from Oromo a person from Anuak can’t speak about any other ethnic human right abuses except for Anuak in Ethiopia because he only knows about Anuak is absolutely nonsense. Eritrean can’t teach Sudanese political science because he is not Sudanese is nonsense, No Tigrayan professor can not tell me about the history and development and social character and faith of my Oromo people in university faculty but only Oromo historian is qualified to teach or Tigrayan political analyst is not qualified to analyst about East Africa, but Somalia only for Somali, Afar only for Afar, Kenya for Kenya not the Tigrayans-Kinfe Abraha or Tadesse Medhane or the great scholar and human right activist now in jail by TPLF/Meles Professor Mesfin Weldemariam are not qualified is simply mindlessness and so illiterate and narrow ethnic nationalistic view. Tigrayan can’t speak about Oromo ethnic community or Harare, Sidama, Kunama, Gurage…is also absurd. Oromo professor is qualified to teach Tigrayan history equally or better than a Tigrayan. An American or German architect is more qualified to teach historical archeology about Axum or Egypt better than the Oromo or Tigray or Amhara, Afar or any Ethiopian or Egyptian. If you are mixed race in Germany you are not German or human so they ask the sate saying “we want to wake up Germany to kick foreigners out, kick foreign professors out who teach our/German history”. Who is demanding this? Young men with shaved heads and black, steel-toed boots. Just like the young man who wrote on this page asserting “no one can tell me about the history of my Oromo people”. Because racists believe no one is qualified to talk about them but them only them. Aba Bahrey is not qualified to write about Oromo says one monotonous OLF leader. Why because he is not Oromo. This is Aba Bahiri a Monk lived in Gamo Gofa (my apology for the spelling error if any) in the 15 century wrote about Oromo culture, behavior, living standards, knowledge, maturity, life style, location, developments, ……etc articulately and amazingly written documented eyewitness report /account of the olden times- he was right there during the action and all activities in his own hand writings. And yet OLF dismissed his knowledge and account –because he is not Oromo. An even Oromo historian who doesn’t support OLF fabricated history is not Oromo but “mixed Oromo”(as the young German skin heads refers any one disagree as mixed race to devalue human fellow) or a traitor who serve the Amhara. It is petty. OLF needs new thinking and structural change- above all the organization needs to replace these outrageous racist OLF leaders who are out of touch who simply survive and nourished their soul with hate against Ethiopia. Perhaps never in history is worst sin than disintegrating society as if society is demanding it as an option. Disintegration is not option, but escape from rational thinking to a new illusionary made heaven.//-//

  15. Globalization did not stop the war in the Middle East or wars in Africa and other regional problems, and the Western powers and Communist China are now competing for scarce resources in Africa, and are signing a deal with tyrants to satisfy their appetites.

    Globalization does not negate individual rights, or group rights and infact made us to be aware about abandoned people and culture and we are all informed about the human right vilolations in the world and we know the violators and their supporters.

    When you say that OLF is backward organization similar to TPLF and Shabia you did not mention that these organization are well known and got financial and political support in the Western elite circles, who are the fathers of Globalization and TPLF is now their favorite to satisfy their interest of expolitation and destabilization of Horn of Africa.

    Shabia is now against the Western interest in the Horn and wanted to project its influence in the Horn by direct invlovement against the Western interest.

    OLF has a wide support among Oromos and if anybody denies that he can go and see it himself. The Oromos have to determine who is their leader and who is their ally and we have no authority to detect to the people and such attempt by Melese and his Oromo affilates were beaten badly in the May 2005 election.

    Condemning organization who are fighting for self determination of their people is like insulting a father who come to defend his family from attackers and if we continue to prescribe medicine for others rather than leave the patient to look for what he or she wants, will not bring us peace and unity, and our suffering will continue and we will prolong our dream of freedom, equality and unity.

  16. Dear; Ethiopian’s let’s face it. Being an ethiopian the gratest gifte god and our for fathers have given us. Not only that we have over 80 diffrent branch of langugst. so Ethiopans should disscus and resolve our difrence and unite our selve for the seek of our opersed mass. Time is coming for the enamy is of ethiopia shove of!

  17. kill kil.

  18. Oh my God!
    Reading Getachew Reda, the personification of decaying politics, evil, ignorance and authoritarian feeling, at this very moment in time, is just like going through colonial ethnographies describing the natives of Africa or some where in Latin America.

    If the disrespect reflected in this article submitted by the old junk fellow in the likes of G. R. is the ultimate measure of the love someone has for the country Ethiopia, we all need to sweat a lot to strip down the cover and see the rotten underneath.
    First of all, what is Ethiopia with out the Oromos and Oromiya Mr. G. R.? How dare a person posing himself as an educated ‘elite’ like you try to undermine the representation OLF has for the more than 35 million Oromos living in the country devastated by the unjust committed by the people like you?

    The truth of the matter lies in what you, unknowingly of course, have concocted in your “akaaki zerraaf” writing. All the history you dearly attach yourself to, are centred in the barren villages and stony mountains of the old Abyssinia. Be assured, no one will come to that corner to sweep the trace you are so desperate to protect.

    Saying that much, I would underline the fact that this time around there are people of different character and dedication who came to fore. They will of course bring the solidarity and the cooperation that will provide hopeful prospect and produce peaceful situation for the bleeding and dying majority in that country Ethiopia. If of course people like you will be advised not to spoil it.

  19. Akkam Nagayaa too brother Hassan Hussein. This is Getachew Reda When one sailed upon the boisterous sea of freedom; one expected a little rough going- especially for some one who wears two hats. The fellow from OLF Mr. Hassan sounds friendly and some how slightly reasonable on his technique of approach than the rest of the Demagogues of his party. Having said that, I have a problem taking his lie in his speech in Boston when he accused TPLF as if it was not OLF’s mission and program. It is not TPLF that wrote OLF’s secessionist program/manifesto for OLF. It is OLF that openly for thirty years fighting to disintegrate from Ethiopia and still continue holding its cessations manifesto as we speak without changing a coma. If so, then what is wrong with TPLF if tells the Ethiopians (mine) “Amhara’ people (his own choosing of word) that OLF is fighting to secede the Oromo people from Ethiopia to establish a country called Oromia Republic. To visualize its dream one of the leaders of OLF three weeks a go asserted more clearer than ever that it doesn’t mater to him whether Ethiopia will be there for the future as Ethiopia or not. All what maters to him is to establish the OLF principle and manifesto. And the manifesto must be interpreted into practice through the AFC. To do just that each OLF leaders have to wear two hats. So, where is TPLF’s wrongness if it informs the “Amhara” people that OLF’s program is to disintegrate your beloved Oromo brothers/sisters/wife, husband, daughters, friends…. from you. Because OLF says the Amhara and the rest of the Ethiopians are Colonizers. Why it TPLF wrong if it indeed said such? (2) He has also the nerve to assert that TPLF is lying to the Amhara people that after the Oromo Republic is established (if at all) the OLF will kick the Amhra out of the new Oromia. Didn’t we see this since before 1991 and after 1991 even when OLF was in power with the present government of Ethiopia TPLF/ERPRDF? Common now! We are not going back to all the files we discussed what we were debating in the Internet for the last many years ever since the electronic media is established regarding this facts. OLF and many OLF affiliated organization from Canada to America and Europe chapters declared with warning on their press release just last year that every inch of Oromo land must be preserved to the Oromo people every natural resource belongs to the Oromo people and no Ethiopia citizen has the right to have an inch land or property in Oromia until OLF declare the establishment of Oromo republic. If found so- it will be void and null (illegal) declared it would be returned back to the Oromo people. Now, you guest it what it meant if no one has the right to live, farm stay establish life in Oromo land as an Ethiopian. How is that Mr. Hassan from the OLF leadership encountering TPLF as if such was not the intention of OLF?

  20. I heard Mr Hassen Hussen’s speech and I found it very resonable and convincing that the real enemy of Ethiopians, and unity of Ethiopia is not OLF who is fighting for self determination of Oromos, and infact OLF looks forward rather than backward and formed the AFD with others to call an all inclusive meeting to debate freely and come out with a resolution on the question of nationalities which will be voted by Ethiopian people.

    Let us not fool ourselves that the question of nationalities enshrined by this regime constitution did not discourage oppositions which are against it to participate in the May 2005 election, and this constitution can be thrown out or amended according to the peoples wish.

    OLF has accepted to work in a free and democratic Ethiopia and be abided by the peoples vote, and Melese Zenawi has no legal right to tell the Ethiopian people the intention of OLF, because what Ethiopinas wanted now is for their vote to be respected.

    The Oromos, Amharas, Tograyans and others affirmed to move forward to live in a democratic culture in May 2005, and we should not waste time in talking about OLF and other nationalist movement motive of separation and rather prepare the ground for democracy by throwing out a racist and illegitimate regime of Melese Zenawi.

  21. you are always expressing your ideas through lively evidences.It is a good character of you.i appreciate you and in excepect more things from you
    your ex-student

  22. Today date is October 29th,2006

    To the EPRP empty propoganda.

    Does not make the difference 24 houres talking with the emptiness. Having said that if you don’t learn from your past mistakes you’ll never learn entire your life. You have done blood shading and mascaring the Ethiopian people for your emty politics; you think we forgot what you have done to our brother and sister? EPRP is the same as TPLF no differences between the two.

    Don’t cry but be honest!!!!

  23. we knows our cantry suchwatin but no one to give a solutin only God .we are a chrstan and we have a good back grund histery they know all enmys of ethiopia we can’t revage the past and the prasent actine but God revajeinstade of as.we hope one stronge Cantry,one hurt,one strong uinty and lave eche ather.God blass ethiopia we do not revange we see by the God of merce

  24. would u go back to school and learn how to write…make good sentences……..
    I won’t blame u it common disease of (ethiopians
    and eritreans)

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