For those I love

By Leoul Mekonen


Oh! God! Almighty God!

The creator of earth and sky

The author of the universe!

Do not abandon me when I cry

I need your help, open your ears!


The father of Adam, the Almighty

Who gave your only Son For those you love!

Embolden me to fight the dragon

For the innocent stand helpless

The beast devours them one by one!


  Breathing fire through his mouth

The dragon flamed many homes

Many women become widows

And children lost care-givers

Wandering alone as orphans!


  Fathers are no longer fathers

To protect their families

Mothers are no longer mothers

The youth are locked up in dungeons!

Men are not men any more

To protect their wives!  

Like Lucifer his father

It spits fire everywhere

Protest is our death-warrant

Ethiopians are drowned in fear!


Ruling with a rod of iron

He spits fire on everyone!

He is tyrannical by nature

Spreading terror is his weapon! 


For how long you tolerate, God?

For how long they bear humiliation?

Tears turned to blood when they call

The tide of terror hits them all!


To neutralise the terror

To lift the yoke of misery

Allow me to offer myself

For the oppressed to be free! 


I plead to you God, I cry loud

Give me the courage, the Almighty!

For those I love to be free!

Let me be selfless to offer

To give back the breath, that once you gave me!



Like St. George the martyr

 God-fearing, brave  warrior

Who rid on horse of faith,

Let me use your word as spear

Let me pierce the beast face to face!



This poem is dedicated to freedom fighters who tirelessly struggle to alleviate a tyrannical rule with faith, hope, love and above all with the sense of duty to be “the keepers of  brothers and sisters”.



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