For how long USA will be taken hostage in the Horn of Africa?

Aklilu Demissie


The escalating political turmoil is getting out of hand for the Meles regime. And a power transfer is surging at a faster pace than everyone’s expectation.The dawn of freedom has begun shinning on the horizon. Those who looked invincible and ridiculed the very existence of humanity are shivering and cold sweat running down their spines. Their dooms day has found them earlier than their expectation.


They know that flying out is neither a solution nor staying and fighting in a country which never belonged to them accordingly, the fable country, being not worth fighting once they lose grip of their wholesale ransacking.



Once they are thrown to the broom, their fate is similar or even far worse than Augusto Pinochet, Charles Taylor and Saddam Hussein. These dictators are being paraded in tribunal courts by the very same people who once supported them.


And once Robert Mugabe is gone, Ethiopian will be a single country in the world where two successive despots will be facing the international tribunal court for crimes against humanity standing side by side.


The people of Ethiopia have already liberated themselves from the yoke of neo slavery of Meles as their ancestors had never capitulated to.


Now, army Generals, Colonels, officers and diplomats have abandoned the sinking boat Meles and are liberating themselves from the blood soaked regime by the minute.


What may Donald Levin and Jeffery Sachs say as their favored despot dies a shameful death under their own very eyes despite an opulent cushion from them?

Donald Levin is a spent shell. He has no influence whatsoever over the overheating and fiery destination of the Ethiopian politics. But it is unfortunate to see him once in a while coming uninvited telling Ethiopians what to do by his own authority as a spinner of
Ethiopia’s course. Ethiopians know where he has dug his feet. Whether he is on Meles side or Ethiopia’s side is immaterial and irrelevant.


At one time he tried to establish himself as a sphere of influence being thrown in a tug of war between the government and the Diaspora.



For the unwitting when Herman Cohen blabbered his disapproval of  Meles it might have been taken as a positive development while in fact he was pretentiously endorsing the despot’s candidacy to rule Ethiopia and for State Department officials to keep him.



It was also disheartening to see Donald Payne give only few lines to the plight of  Ethiopia at the 36th Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) annual legislative conference. He was content with what he thought he had a constructive dialogue with the butcher of Addis. Probably, he didn’t know how repulsive this word has become to Ethiopians since it has become a mediocre phrase for crippled diplomats of no consequence who have no influence over the regime.



He was hailing at the end Jendayi Frazier and Jeffery Sachs as the best icons of development and democracy for the African continent while as a matter fact being the ones who impaled democracy in the heart in  Ethiopia. He was bitterly talking about what happened in
Rwanda while tangibly doing nothing about the Ethiopian Rwanda on his hand.



The ominous and resented Yamamoto is packing up all his worldly tools to fix the crumbling life support system machines of the regime. Demonstrably he has reneged on democracy in Ethiopia. He beats the record of traveling to Ethiopia, God knows for what!



To all intense and purposes there is no difference between the regimes in  Rangoon and Addis with regard to stark massive human rights abuses and transgression against humanity. While the regime in Addis is left aside, the US government is feverishly trying to pass a UN resolution against Burma after years and years of complacency. Obviously human rights violation in one form or another is a threat to global peace and security as the US identifies now.



The chapter of, often the disgusting pampering of a despot by Western diplomats and foreign lawmakers has now been ushered the way to the tomb once and forever by the patriotic Ethiopian people.



Well, Ethiopia is winning and prevailing; and the question is, will the country be the same to the outside forces who kept a deaf ear and blind eyes to her ordeals at the hands of a brute?


For all those State Department officials and regional think tanks of politics, they have become dumbfounded as they witness what is going on contrary to their analysis and beliefs and conjectures.  But they had been warned, Ethiopia being a unique case.



Naturally, as they have failed in their time tamed and told inferences, it would be desirable and high time for them to go back to school to study cases unique like Ethiopia.



Meles’s debacle in Somalia is a sought after scenario by him. The continued unstable situation in the region is a life line for his regime. United States and the people of Ethiopia are committed to bringing about an everlasting stability to the region by waging war against terror.  But as long as Meles is on the scene, every thing is doomed to fail. Meles knows that maintaining the status quo is the very card he would not give up at all coast.



There had been a well known and established fact. Once the USA awakens and librates itself from the spell of this elusive and capricious despot, her sword is vicious and merciless, even to her devout allies let alone to a miniscule who lives by subterfuge.



The hostage drama for Ethiopia has melted away from Meles’s grip; and when will be the time for the US foreign policy in the Horn? Shouldn’t it have been long ago?

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