Why to cover up the desecration of our Ethiopian flag by Shabiya!?

NEthiopia Flag desecrated by Shabiyaote from the Debeteraw Team: At the moment some individuals are fatally trying to cover up the desecration of our Ethiopian flag by Shabiya. Why?! That is what we asked ourselves when we witnessed some individuals, in the name of Ethiopians, denying the fact that Shabiya dishonored our Ethiopian National Flag on their recent Independence Day. Yes, they have desecrated our national Ethiopian flag and this has been transmitted and seen on their TV by large number of Ethiopians, including members of the Debteraw Team. There is no use to cover up such appalling act of Shabiya. We salute http://www.ethiolion.com and UEDF for posting video film of the action (click here to watch) and issuing a press release (click here to read) respectively. The following is a letter from one of our visitors on the issue recapitulating that disgusting behaviour of Shabiya.

The 15th anniversary of Independence Day was honoured in the presence of Isaias Afwerki, (President) guests, citizens of Eritrea at the Asmara Stadium and was broadcasted live from Eritrean — TV. For some reasons we had the opportunity to watch the Television Broadcast until such time that we were extremely appalled and dismayed by the event in front of us, an event that probably may have a wider implication which we are not prepared to comment at least for now. Amongst the various events, stadium shows, at the day in question, an act of debasing the Ethiopian flag was one of major plays. The Ethiopian Flag (Eritrea atigenetelim written on the flag itself) was paraded on a moving vehicle accompanied by people who wore uniform until it reached a point where the Flag was smashed to the floor of an open car display and kicked for a while. In the mean time, those in uniform raised the Eritrean Flag high on the display ca r until the show culminated in front of the President.

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  1. Please dear Ethiopians!

    Let’s try to compromise. Let’s not make a big quarrel just due to words and signs. Let’s fight the pysical danger we faced. The meles “wenbede budin” is distracting the country ruthlesslessly. That is the issue. Shabiya has no power and access to make a direct attack uless use the hodams. At least not in a position to come on the name of Ethiopia. Then leave that alone. BUT let’s the opposition parties be united (let’s you compromise) and lead the Ethiopian people with the GENUINE and STRATEGIC direction so that we can easly crash down these satanic and tyranic “wenbede group”. Please be GENUINE towards unity efforts like AFD.

    alebelezia hulum ende-ebid edir beyegilu eyechohe gira tegabito (weyim be meseri eniqisiqasew) egnanim gira ayagaban.

    I really tell u that i’m not a member of any party. BUT PLZ U political parties be unite and lead us. If it is really possible to crash melesena tebabariwochun just by making temporary agreement with shabiya let’s do it. We should not philosophise things while our leaders and people are suffering so much in jail and out of jail. Can we really tolerate even for a month if we are put in jail like that? Then let’s be practical. Let’s be genuine. Let’sbe strategic. Let’s not give priority for the issue of shabbiya whereas we are under a serious danger by the meles awire agezaz!!!!! If it is overthrown from our shoulder, then the issue of others will be something manageable. These days we are not fighting with the satanic meles but also with the gigantic satans; bush and bleir. Any way we will win; since GOD is beside ETHIOPIA. Plus the only one option is as far as we (particualry you politicians) can be one. UNITY IS THE OLY SOLUTION. That is ALL. That is what meles is afraid of.

    I wrote this beause of my desperate worry to my country,my self, my people.

    Since I feel you are concerned for we Ethiopians I beg you for your sacrifice to realize UNITY. Don’t ever complain on proedures,on your comfort, on shabiya, on OLF etc.


    haqe mechachal meche

  2. Don’t waste your time reporting the deeds of inferior
    complex consumed Eritreans.It simply doesn’t worth it.

  3. Debteraw and co.

    The day your flag was dishonored, the representatives of CUD, Arbegnoch,OLF etc were seating beside Isayas as honourable guests and there was no any sense of reaction from them from them. And I know that these people are your commrades.It is an open secrete and do not ….

  4. Do your destructive job. That is what you know and the only knowledge u have. We are doing our job and our government is marching forward. DERG will never come back to power and your boss Sha’ebia will be buried soon in its own trench.The enemies of Ethiopian people including you members Debteraws(EPRP) and OLF; CUD will go to hell.

    Why do you wast time and resource for nothing?

  5. Take five, Jerusalem !

    God Bless Enat Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dear Debteraw:

    When I see the video clip, I thought this was one of the usual weyanewoch trick to broke the current relationship we have with Eritrea, but when I visit your web site and conformed this really indeed happen by Eritrean, I was ashemed and hopless. The trust I used to have on AFD just dead right there. There is no negotaion with Ethiopiawinet. I guess those Eritreans never learn their mistake. Hopefully, this will be a wake up call to AFD. If their frindishp with Eritrea didn’t stop for this reason, I will ask them to return my money back which I contribuited to them here in DC.

  7. First when learn the formation of AFD; I was excited as I was when the first election process took place, full of hope end of cyclic tyranny of Ethiopia. But the same time I read news release of OLF about AFD formation. It sounds promising but the footnote of this script clued me the ultimate bad news, their head quarter is in Asmara. That is the dead end of their politics. Shebia never been the friend of Ethiopian people or it couldn’t be. To describe well the relation of shebia with mamma Ethiopia, I’ll use this analogy: A patient with a tumor tissue, his/her best treatment is to remove the bad tissue. Otherwise, this bad tissue grow into cancer infect the whole organ and it become hard to deal with. Finally it will deny the existence of the patient. This is what I see about their intention. Fellow Ethiopians don’t compromise their evil doing and disgracing our ID (flag) for their friendship. Later, they will stab you at the back…

  8. Shabiya, They are Small people with small mind. enough said!!!!!!.

  9. shabia is good for nothing. I am not surprised by their deeds. what else can be expected other than stupid thing from morons?
    Let them do anything.
    Ignore and let’s fight our enemy, woyane

  10. I don’t understand the outrage of EPRP at this time. Shabiya has been doing this since its inception. However, was it not EPRP who first supported the so called Eritrean independence in 1978? Is there any type of crime of treason more than this? Has EPRP apologized to Ethiopians? Did we all learn that winning political power should never be at the expense of a country and its territorial integrity? Did we all realize that Shabiya cheated and conned progressive Ethiopians to the determinate of Ethiopia?

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  13. yo to all my ethipopia pps out there
    lovin’ being an ethiopian all day every day

  14. just loosenup about politics just have love that all we need to get us through
    lov ya’ll

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