Why to cover up the desecration of our Ethiopian flag by Shabiya!?

NEthiopia Flag desecrated by Shabiyaote from the Debeteraw Team: At the moment some individuals are fatally trying to cover up the desecration of our Ethiopian flag by Shabiya. Why?! That is what we asked ourselves when we witnessed some individuals, in the name of Ethiopians, denying the fact that Shabiya dishonored our Ethiopian National Flag on their recent Independence Day. Yes, they have desecrated our national Ethiopian flag and this has been transmitted and seen on their TV by large number of Ethiopians, including members of the Debteraw Team. There is no use to cover up such appalling act of Shabiya. We salute http://www.ethiolion.com and UEDF for posting video film of the action (click here to watch) and issuing a press release (click here to read) respectively. The following is a letter from one of our visitors on the issue recapitulating that disgusting behaviour of Shabiya.

The 15th anniversary of Independence Day was honoured in the presence of Isaias Afwerki, (President) guests, citizens of Eritrea at the Asmara Stadium and was broadcasted live from Eritrean — TV. For some reasons we had the opportunity to watch the Television Broadcast until such time that we were extremely appalled and dismayed by the event in front of us, an event that probably may have a wider implication which we are not prepared to comment at least for now. Amongst the various events, stadium shows, at the day in question, an act of debasing the Ethiopian flag was one of major plays. The Ethiopian Flag (Eritrea atigenetelim written on the flag itself) was paraded on a moving vehicle accompanied by people who wore uniform until it reached a point where the Flag was smashed to the floor of an open car display and kicked for a while. In the mean time, those in uniform raised the Eritrean Flag high on the display ca r until the show culminated in front of the President.

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