Meles Zenawi and Adolf Hitler

 By Ewnatu Yeferad

Meles Zenawi and Adolf Hitler originality lay in their realization in modern conditions are out with and not against, the power of government: the correct order of events was first to secure access to power and then begin their racist revolution. Meles like Hitler never abandon the cloak of legality; both of them recognize the enormous psychological value of having the law on their side. Instead they turned the law inside out illegality legal.

In short, please, we shouldn’t foul ourselves and expect justice from unjust racist system. Let us fight the bloody racist system for the freedom of Ethiopian people and for the political prisoners who are suffering in Woyane’s prison.

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  1. Well done. Ewunatu.

    Don’t expect justice from Hitler.

  2. Nazi’s program: Anschluss and Lebenstraum
    Woyane’s program: Greater Tigray(Eritrea included) and annexation of parts of Gondar to Tigray .
    One cannot miss the similarities ,the difference is lack of the means to implement it .

  3. Every time when I open this website I saw a lotof unrealisic news about the current government of Ethiopia. I am not a politician. But when I saw this type of non-sense issues I get peased off and forced me to send my comment. As far as I observe this false information is prepared by some groups(political losers)who are living in USA and Europe. Please let the poor people of Ethiopia alone.

  4. I think Meles is more than Hitler becuase his hatred is also directed towards his own race, people and country. For instance, nobody in history has requested the UN for the sessesion of part of one’s own country. To effectively implement his policy of hatred and destruction against fellow humnan beings, meles uses the skills of hired foreigners. So, nobody has ever existed like him in our world- he is abnormally cruel indicating that he is a pschopath as suggested by experts before. He will only be remembered for this and this is not good for his children who may live after he passes away. This is very unfortunate for them and the Ethiopian people. The Ethiopian people, if they want to live in peace, with human dignity…, they have no choice but to remove him by force. Ethiopians should not be told to accept this and live in misery. They are not subhumans.

    Thank you, Ewunatu.

  5. Ewunetu thanks for comparing meles zenawi with hitler, meles zenawi’s tplf is well known for committing the greatest genocide and bank robbery in Ethiopias history before he took power and after. meles zenawi is also well known for selling out Ethiopia’s national interest, his kind was never before seen in this world, meles zenawi will also be the first one to beg the UN for the break away of a province from his own country. Many people say meles zenawi was on CIA’s pay roll since the 1970s. In fact the Bush administration tried everything it can to save meles zenawi, the washngton dc based world bank recently showered meles zenawi with $ 400 million dollars for committing genocide. Two weeks ago I stopped at a barber shop and was reading some articles on a magazine waiting for the barber. On the magazine there was a question saying “which country did we americans set up”? There were three choices for the answer 1, eritrea 2, mauritius 3, madagascar.

    On the last page the magazine mentioned “eritrea” as the answer to the amazing question. I was amazed and at the same time saddned by what I saw on that magazine. There is no doubt how several american administrations invested on eplf and tplf, america also supported the break away of “eritrea”. Fifteen years have passed since eplf and tplf took power with the help of america and arabs. On May 15, 2005 meles zenawis tplf lost to the oppostion and defiantly commited genocide in the middle of Addis Abeba, the Bush administration said NOTHING, in fact “vicky hudleston” as we hear all over the media is running around trying to save meles zenawi.

    Bush claims to spread “freedom” and “democracy” around the world, in reality Bush is seen siding with vicious blood thirsty murderers like meles zenawi.

    How long should the Ethiopian people suffer by the sell out banda misleader “meles zenawi”???? It is high time we fight for our freedom just as our grand fathers did.

  6. my first time to visite this page and i am surprised or
    better shocked to read your comparisen b/n hitler and
    meles.It seems to me that the writer has no idea what hitler did.
    Hitler was national socialist.hitler killed 6m jews.
    He provoked II world war(more than 20million people deid).For Hitler germans were first class humane beings
    you(the writer) were not considerd even as a humane being(b/c of your colour).What you wrote here is an
    insult to the 6million jews killed in the II world war.


    Remember the Nazi technique:”pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer!”
    -President Franklin D. Roosevelt( January 1942)
    admonishing Americans not to decriminate against aliens, Weeks before he signed the Japanese excusion order (Greg Robinson, By Order of the President, 2001)

  8. Kebede,

    The metality is the same. Both men are blood thirsty, and Meles has pushed it even further. If Meles was as strong as Hitler militarily, economically, technologically…, no doubt, he would have committed even more masacres. Thus, the comparison of the two by the author is rational.

    Don’t defend the indefensable. This is a crime by itself.

    Take care.

  9. kebede, Hitler and meles have many similarities, in some instances Hitler is even better than meles, Hitler protected the interest of the country he led. He was very patriotic. Unlike meles zenawi who is well known for selling out Ethiopias national interest and who works for foreign governments such as america, arabs and shabya. Hitler never committed genocide on his own people, Hitler never robbed a bank from his own country, but meles did. meles zenawi is one of those cirminals such as chile’s augusta pinochet who will face justice in the near future in international court.

  10. It clear how meles works he even has diaspora supporters who pretend to have love for ‘mama ethiopia’ but really are two faced enemies conspiring against Ethiopians and Ethiopia by spreading hate among the people a classic example would be a typical weyane will insult the race of an amhara to an oromo,a weyane will insult an afar to an oromo and cause arguments while the weyane snake sits back and relaxes while Ethiopians fight amongst eachother. We Ethiopians are not stupid we know your tacticts and your time will surelly end and lets hope you have family abroad because once you get kicked out of government the only time you see ethiopia will be in the news!

  11. Dear Brother and sister:
    Meles and Hitler: they don’t exist without racism.The doctrine of racism which has been so viciously enthroned as a poitlical doctrine in wayene and nazi from the beginning to their ends, was absurdity;but absurdities have never wanted for believers and as Voltaire remarked “as long as people believe in absurdities they will commit atrocities” Let us work hard our people stay strong and united

  12. Since I’m Jewish I think more explanation is needed.
    ANSCHLUSS:Uniting all German speaking people(Arian) under one nation-the Third Reich;the analogy: Uniting all Tigrigna speaking people under the nation of Greater Tigray(including Eritrea).
    LEBENSTRAUM:is about creating a living space to the master race in areas inhabited by the jews once all of them are exterminated.The rest of Eastern Europe and the people there will be at the service of the civilized master race to extract raw materials and cheap labour to its industry;the analogy:once we the Falasha jews left our villages in Gondar to immigrate to Israel the TPLF regime annexed these areas including areas known for their fertile soil (Humera)to Tigray province.The second part of the plan was to dismember Ethiopia so it will turn to a permanent source of raw materials to the “industry” of greater Tigray and market to its cheap commodities.Yes this dream of these racists couldn’t come true.That doesn’t mean it was not on their agenda,though.One should always bear in mind that these guys started as the librators of Tigray .
    I wrote all this to chihi :You said you are not a politician,me neither.But we all know ,it is not those “political losers” as you call them,who formed
    the TPLF,annexed parts of Gondar to Tigray ,turned a country of more than 70 million land locked,turned a country without a single coffee tree the world’s 14th
    exporter of raw coffee,gave away its naval equipment
    combat jets and wrote a constitution as an intoduction to the dismemberment of ethiopia,ordered the murder of unarmed citizens in broad day light ,the list goes on.Chili if you are a decent citizen you must be ashamed of the comment you posted here;unless you are one of those immoral,corrupt and shortsighted TPLF’s cadres.

  13. They have similarities more than differnces. But everytime i take a dump and turn around to flush the toilet, for some apparent reason i see a picture of Meles rather than Hitler. Human waste has more flavor and look to it than Meles. One has to qualify as a human first for us to draw comparison and analogy. As change is the only thing constant…that time will come when they will come down..and all their culprits will be found and we will give them the agonzing death they have accorded us for 15 years.

  14. As i hae seen your sagestion written above about pm Meles and Adolf Hitler. This is Complitly False. It is out of the realty.It think the writter is seems like Hitler.

  15. this idea is given from shovinisit party member who has a dead dream of the past regiom

  16. we nows all the game who is daying is not troop

  17. Your method of telling the whole thing in this paragraph is genuinely pleasant,
    all can without difficulty be aware of it, Thanks a lot.

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