Against the will of The People!

Shimeles Teferra

The so called EPRDF regime is a tribal regime which can rightly be characterized as the most backward and primitive mode of rule in the 21st century. It has the appearance of a normal government but is archaic and primordial in content. Since its seizure of power, it has been  working hard to inculcate the most despicable and disgraceful ideology of ethnicity in the minds of the Ethiopian people, especially that of the youth. Ethnicity is the scourge of humanity and should be rejected by all of us. They have tried it for more than 15 years even in elementary schools. Fifteen years is an average age for a youngster. The Meles regime, HAS FAILED IN ITS ATTEMPT to achieve its goal of fostering the destructive ideology and nowedays experiencing quite the opposite. It is the teenagers of this age or youngsters of 15 years old who are in the forefront of fighting against the regime and confronting the special forces of the regime or AGAZIY TROOPS USING STONES LIKE THE PALISTINE YOUTH. This is really disappointing for the tribalsit and primitive minded  EPRDF founders and leaders. 

 It is well known that the woyane (TPLF) have no respect for the people. Youth  protesters have been labelled as vagabonds by Meles and his cadres. However, recently, may be after getting advise from his loyalists, Meles has replaced the derogative term vagabond  with another and less degrading phrase “unemployed youth.”  It still shows immaturity and irresponsibility on the part of the tribalist regime, because it is the government`s duty and responsibility to create job opportunities for the unemployed youth. But who are the vagabonds actually? The vagabonds are those who robbed the peoples` votes. They are rejected  individualls who are determined to cling to power by resorting to the tactic of state terrorism against innocent citizens, in defiance of the the will of the people! What the woyane EPRDF have never understood is the fact that the people of Ethiopia will never be subjugated and defeated. 

Now the Meles regime seems to stay on power for the simple reason that it has already prepared a biting and killing force, just comparable to the story in the Animal Farm –preparing fiercely biting dogs for protection. The other reason is controlling the main financial outlets for using the money to buy money slave individuals. But it is only for the time being and a matter of time. The barbaric cabinet of  Meles and his terrorist groups will eventually unravle and fall apart under the increasing pressure of popular resistance. It is the dying group. 

It has always been said that, Kinijit is the spirit of the people-a concise and precise description, why?  Because  it embodies and epitomizes only the will of the people. The Meles regime has created a forged KINJIT as part of its deceptive strategy to controland abort the popular movement for democracy and freedom.  Does it really matter if an illegitimate government gives legitimacy or recognition, with out the will of the people? No, it does not and legitmacy derives only from the masses. At this time We have to pose a question, What, in the past, has been done by the will of the people for the people? Nothing!  “The people will judge us!” said Temesgen zewde (still jocking on the people). I think the people has already judged. But for whom are these so called leaders stand for? The EPRDF woyane leaders and supporters stand for no one! It is all about the money (benefit), not because they stand even for the ethnic tigray people as they use to claim. They only stand for themselves.The ethnic Tigray people (if they still hear what Meles says) have misunderstood very much this so called governement. Do these people really think that they will be attacked by other ethnic groups if the Meles government falls? Had this happened in the history of the country or is it the invention of Meles as a means to cling to power ? It is simple to know. We all must understand that these people are trying to damage the nations well founded values. They have used almost all the means to create conflict among the Ethiopian people. All failed and the Ethiopian people have told them what they want. The people of Ethiopia is a wonderful nation for it has a natural pride, respect for each other, patience and most amazingly forgivness. 

If these so called leaders do not respect and have no interest in the people, they can never have national interest. How could then these persons be called leaders? Now the people of Ethiopia have recognised both their domestic and international enemies, and the nation is once again betrayed by the international community, especially by the west. “I used to think donors were fooled or misinformed by the current regime, I do not entertain the same belief any more. They collude and deliberately work against the inetrest and legitimate aspiration of Ethiopians. I doubt they will never be forgiven…”  said Addis ferengi. To come to a logical conclusion-whoever is praised by the woyanne regime,  is the enemy of the Ethiopian people. I think thay should understand the serious damages they are inflicting by standing against the interests, will and welbeing of the Ethiopian people. The fashonable talk nowadays is terrorism. What does terrorism mean? Who is being called terriorist? Who fights and who wins the war against terrorism without the will of the people? To the dismay and disappointment of the enemies, the solidarity and unityof the Ethiopian people have grown and increased more than ever because the woyane EPRDF rule continues to be in conflict with the fundamental values of the people. The cumulative effect of all the woyane EPRDF`s attempt to split, harass, intimidate, terrorise, torture, imprison and their barbaric killings (prosecutions), has exposed as usual the political bancruptcy of the so called leaders. It is only the will of the people that prevails!!  

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