Doctors Beyene and Merera & Co. Do You Know How to Lift Your Broken Face? Just Resign!!!

By Yilma Begashaw

Dear Learned ‘Intellectuals’,

You made lots and lots of shambles and committed crimes against your own constituents in particular and the Ethiopian people in general, especially following the last National Election.

You ferociously campaigned against the Woyane regime prior to the election. Many candidates and supporters belonging to your respective political organisations followed that campaign and lost their precious lives in the hand of the Woyane assassin squads. We in the Diaspora learned about those atrocities from your own words while you were going around the World to brief us and to lobby the Western Powers, at the expense of the innocent Ethiopian groups that sponsored your visits.

Despite your bad political records over the last decades, we gave you a benefit of a doubt that you might have learned from your past mistakes and came back to your senses.  You were given senior political position within the opposition camps. Unfortunately these proved to be painfully wrong.

We also gave you the benefit of a doubt that your inclinations could possibly change from the Dergue to the Woyane regime due to the following mistaken assumptions:

a)  That you regretted for life for serving under the Dergue dictatorship whose Red Terror measures affected the lives of all Ethiopians, eventually including your own and those of your families.

b)  That the hard lessons we thought you learned from that previous repressive regime could not be repeated during the current brutal Woyane dictatorial regime that did not only deny your nationality but also introduced ethnically based genocidal acts as witnessed all over the country, including Arba Gugu, Bedenno, Gujjii, Assebot, Gambella, Bahr Dar,
Gondar, etc.

c)  In fact, against all expectations that the next regime did not manage to be any better from the previous Dergue regime, the Woyanes have proved to be worse than even the Nazis and the Fascists, probably resembling the Ahmed Gragns and the Yodit Gudits.

d)  Sadly, however, you went from the bad to the worst.

There is an ongoing drama news that you and the Lidetus are dying for Ministerial positions under the so called ‘Power Sharing’ bluff of the Woyanes. The opposition political party leaders currently suffering in jails promoted an extremely peaceful means of struggle. Even after  getting a landslide victory at the last national election, they offered a power sharing settlement for the transition that will include the Woyanes that terribly lost during the election. The Woyanes blatantly rejected that offer and threw those peaceful leaders to jails. Therefore, what power sharing are your talking about, if any? ‘Doron siyataliluwat bemechagna taluwat yibalal’. 

If you are learned and conscious human beings, how could you possibly choose to live with all these guilt?  Do not forget that you are driving or walking over the corps of the innocent Ethiopian people, using the financial incentives from the Woyane murderers.

Thus, my sincere advice for you is to have the guts to resign and to leave our people alone.

Leave alone you Ph.D. holders who can sell your professions to make a good living and prepare for the inevitable eventual grave, any one can survive one way or the other, with respect. Nuro kalut mekabir yimok yele?

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  1. Buon luogo, congratulazioni, il mio amico!

  2. playing barbie dress

    Doctors Beyene and Merera & Co. Do You Know How to Lift Your Broken Face? Just Resign!!! | Debteraw Blog

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