Truth is the first causality; Ethiopian fundamental interest is the second causality in the entire formation, fabrics and mission of the so-called Alliance for Freedom and Democracy: conspiracy and sabotage against Kinijit (CUDP).

By Andinet Lagere, 6 August 2006

In May , 2006 desperate, power- driven  individuals, who are neither accountable to the  Ethiopian Diaspora, mainstream Ethiopian society, nor who  enjoy legitimacy to make or break a deal on its behalf unpredictably assumed a pact which most Ethiopians dismiss as shambles, ridiculous and reckless. The content of the AFD, window –dressing since the so-called deal, the timing and procedural impropriety involved in this matter unveils the political naivety, total incompetence and at best  stupidity of the actors particularly those on behalf of so called  Kinijit representatives.

In blatant terms, the deal is no deal. The so – called deal is by no means, any standard the reflection of Ethiopian ethos, remotely squares with the tenets of Ethiopian paradigm for unity and sovereignty. AFD accepts Article 39 of the Ethiopian, current divisive constitution, Article 2 of the AFD Statute reconfirms, “maintains the respective political programs” of those who signed the  so called deal and the preamble of same Statue reassures us of its alleged mission” to shape a political order and a system of government …Make no mistake such a pact  is anti thesis to Ethiopian principled maxim of unity and integrity, democracy, equality and justice to all its citizens irrespective of this or that ethnic group. There is no any substantive rationale why such divisive legal instruments have been put in place if the parties’ intention was to struggle for democratic, united Ethiopia, if indeed their political drive was a genuine alternative to ethno-centrism: these legal jargons, Statute and Memorandum of Understanding shall only help to further disintegrate Ethiopia and not sustain even what remains to be Ethiopia to date. In essence, the pact is systematically conspired, sabotaged to instigate another version, brand of social engineering based on ethnicity. It is hard to find a shred of doubt that such a deal is no more than a sell -out of  Ethiopian fundamental interest, uncompromised stance for unity; betrayal of Kinijit’s leadership at Kalti in custody and at best, a mockery of those killed in pursuing the causes of Kinijit: a treacherous stance which no Ethiopian should afford fighting back.

Why was Kinijit a success?   

One would argue that Kinijit was a success mainly for two reasons:  firstly, the hey days of TPLF (Woyane) are gone, the tyranny, blind domineering nature of its authority has reached its final phase and thus the laws of negation in the offing; secondly,   the central vision of CUDP that of unity and democracy managed to win the mind and heart of the Ethiopian people. One would further extend this argument that kinijit was popular, persuasive, and credible because of its drive, aims for a united and democratic Ethiopia – nothing less. The success of Kinijit may not be exclusively or exceptionally attributed to this or that party or individuals per se, the entire credit goes to ordinary Ethiopians in the Home soil. Throughout the last fifteen years individuals, parties have come and gone, leaving their immense contribution, sacrifice behind, giving their precious life, wisdom to the cause of the Ethiopian people: unity and democracy.

The pertinent issue here is one of principles, doctrines that govern Ethiopia, perpetuation of Ethiopian identity, sovereignty, equality, civility, the formation of united and democratic Ethiopia as opposed to ethnic division, discord …fragmentation into ethnic enclaves. This vision alone and only this vision was the cause of the  ultimate success of Kinijit and not the accomplishment of disgraced, incompetent and power- driven  individuals from Kinijit – NA,  Kinijit International (KI). It is weird to imagine, contemplate for a second, the reasoning of these individuals, unless sabotaged, when they agree to disagree with the fundamental existence of the Ethiopian people as Ethiopians, when they agree to vary the name Ethiopia, a name neither Bible nor Quran afforded not to mention; the name which nothing in principle, should and could have been compromised whatsoever. A name not only Ethiopians but also most Africans proud,  enjoy taking such  a brand  as a generic name, and most importantly a name, which most Ethiopians managed to, safeguarded at the cost of their life, a name which  many are still  prepared to die for.

Further, the agreement to vary the working language of Ethiopia was a facade.  English was the language, which the AFD endorsed for its communiqué at the time of formation of the alliance. This was not only a sham, but also not an Ethiopian mentality, at best, it is an enemy mentality, degrading, reducing Ethiopian status quo to rubbles whilst we know they needed interpreters to understand English.  It is also disturbing to hear, and read when they agree to disregard the achievements of the May 2005 Ethiopian election, the sacrifice of Kinijit that begets the individuals themselves, self-denial or sabotaged!  Or what? And why? AFD denied the name Ethiopia, (remember this is not a question of lexicon) Amharic the working language of Ethiopia and denied to recognise the achievements of the 2005 election the very day it was born!!! … query? Surly, a deal with the OLF, ONLF, and SLF at the cost of Kinijit, the bigger picture of Ethiopian existence, unity and sovereignty is a disgrace to the good name and work of Kinijit proper, and most importantly a mockery at those who have lost their lives for same cause. The KI have shot themselves on the foot, their pact is plainly, unequivocally a sell- out of Ethiopian national interest, misrepresentation of the noble goals of Kinijit proper and magnanimity of the Ethiopian people.  

Sell- out of Ethiopian fundamental Interest 

The formation of AFD is a sell-out mainly for three reasons: firstly, taking into account its political program, pledge and convictions of its leaders at Kaliti, and majority party members; CUDP, stands for civic, peaceful and political means of struggle and not otherwise.  KI’s alliance with armed, ethnic based groups is a sell –out of principles, doctrinal values that marked Kinijit beyond and above  most parties. Secondly, the deal is a sell –out of its leaders who are currently suffering in custody, those who made the deal should have thought the implication of the deal and its far-reaching consequences in a desperate regime where everything is possible. The dealers should have taken care of  their actions  not to play into the hands of the ruling clique, they should have thought of providing the risk of evidential proof, alibi which the PM used in his address to the Ethiopian  Parliament. Thirdly, let us assume that the pact makers  have taken their country beyond and above the party leaders, though such a rationale is questionable, it could be highly contested that their deal is neither good to the country nor to Kinijit itself.  However, it could be equally argued and the argument won if it is to promote the ideals of Liberation Fronts and Shaebia at large. It would be utterly impossible to calculate the political damage and its implication in its entirety: it is troubling if this was the whole purpose of Kinijit and the blood split throughout the country! Could we afford such a sell-out mission to prevail or challenge to resurrect the status quo?

Except, Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front, all the National Liberation Fronts OLF, ONLF and SLF view Ethiopia as colonizer and consider themselves as colonised by Ethiopia; their political program, course of action is tailored to achieving independence for their respective ethnic group, though without any legitimate mandate. They all are based in Eritrea and sadly, appears to have learnt the Eritrean experience, though we challenge if at all there was  anything worthy  to learn, to champion their cause. In order to save time and space, I would cite a paragraph from one the above National Front’s political program, to help scrutinize the noxious mission of these so-called Fronts.

    The political program of the Ogden National Liberation Front reads as follows:

”… recognising that  our country has been colonized against our will and without our consent by Ethiopia… the ONLF declares  that Ogaden issue is not a border dispute between two neighbours, Ethiopia and Somalis as held by the former , but rather a conflict  between a colonized people and their colonizer…” (Emphasis mine) 

The underlying principle, historical make –up, tested throughout time and space is the overriding drive of Ethiopians for Ethiopian unity and sovereignty which indeed graciously culminated during the May 2005 election. Ethiopians for unity and democracy was the most celebrated,  franchised opinion that galvanised different national, cultural groups , individuals throughout Ethiopia, and a choice honoured at the sacrifice of Ethiopians, though targeted by a regime whose very existence is contingent to the very existence of rival   linguistic and  cultural  groups.  The vote for Kinijit should have heralded the defacto defeat of TPLF, its satellite parties and the basis of its constitution. By implication, this should have given a lesson to Fronts that operate based on ethnic xenophobia, including those nominally operating in Eritrea such as the OLF, ONLF and the SLF, whose very existence and achievement very much depend on ethnic cleansing.  In principle, May 2005 did not only oust parties from office, but also ousted rotten, archaic ideologies, doctrines of secession and exclusion. Ethiopians vote for inclusiveness, unity and democracy should have shattered, dashed the hopes and aspirations of those ethnic perennials, though, incompetent, short-sighted kinijit  KI, either by sabotage or conviction  are in a desperate attempt of a  rescue mission: so called Kinijit representatives should have known that this was a risky gamble, recklessness and  a gamble that could potentially instigate further break –up of Ethiopia – they should have known that the OLF leadership ( you may read Dr.Shigut’ s latest speech) simply promotes the very ideals of secession, nothing less: the argument to the contrary is naivety, a cover up, an insult to our intellect  and  idiocy at best

The so-called Memorandum of Understanding duly signed by kinijit forming part of AFD should be read not as a memorandum of understanding but of misapprehension, confusion,  illusion and at best a conspiracy.  We are not sure if inept, self-assumed kinijit representatives have understood the entire fabrics, purpose of the memorandum.  We are not sure, if they have understood the gist of so-called Statute, made –up of Council, which they are a part, we are puzzled if they are aware of its operational mechanisms- modus operandi: the existence an Alliance within an Alliance! We are not sure if they have realised that their role is merely instrumental to ethnocracy. We are not sure if they were entitled to draw a bizarre memorandum of understanding and Statute, whilst Kinijit’s Memorandum of Understanding is with the Ethiopian people at Home, its adorned Statue is its own constitution, which the Ethiopian people endorsed. It is our understanding and finding that  the entire set-up, rationale, mission is orchestrated well beyond the imagination power of those involved in the theatre, particularly of those so-called Kinijit representatives.  According to reliable sources, EPLF (Shaebia) of Eritrea is not only behind the scene but also at the centre of this architect; in fact the maker and broker in the creation, and nurturing of AFD. One would enquire why? The answer is tri fold: to help finalise Shaebia’s irredentist policy, secondly to help end OLF’s and ONLF’s political program for secession, and thirdly to undermine and shatter the cause and organisational vision of Kinijit proper.

Shaebia has always been very disturbed by the development of Ethiopian politics, particularly of Kinijit. Sheba’s ideologues had warned Afeworki to better stay with TPLF than Kinijit. Kinijit’s political ideal, political program and its support by majority, mainstream society had shocked the Eritrean secessionists if they had not found a way out of their alleged, potential threat – Kinijit. Thus, wrecking, dismissing Kinijit as a significant party or at least reducing it to an insignificant entity, by making it a part of an alliance, led by OLF/EPLF was the conspiracy and Machiavellian move wrapped up with high skill and experience.  Shaebia knows OLF as an easy ride and that they both shared same “problems” and fought “Amhara, colonizers and domination” together.  Sadly, Shabea’s long time experience, and skill in lodging a draconian, move against Ethiopian fundamental interest was incomprehensible, beyond the understanding power of our so-called kinijit representatives, who suddenly chose to be the Poodles of  Shaebia and OLF: so called kinijit representatives should have known that the Ethiopian people is not prepared to consume such a treacherous and shameful act. Kinijit representatives should  have known that the Ethiopian people is not against Meles Zenawi because he is Tigrian but because of his ethnic policy,  because of his sell –out policies, likewise any group, with a similar brand , willy-nilly stand,  with toxic ideology has no place in Ethiopia.

Make no mistake the pact is a sell- out; Kinijits (NA, KI) have fallen into the hands of Shabia without a sober examination of consequential damage that this potentially might inflict in Ethiopia. They have compromised the Ethiopian unity and identity.  It should have been known that Shaebia is unpopular with its own people, notoriously undemocratic  , particularly known for its dictatorial bearing let alone to the people of Ethiopia, it considers as an archenemy: it was this year in May 2006, that Shaebia  repeatedly kicked dishonoured our flag in the presence of international community when it celebrated its national day for independence ( at the Asmara stadium), it is this year,  the Afeworki army rushed to Somalia seeking to fight  a proxy war against Ethiopia.  It is same this year our inept so-called representatives accepted a deal cooked by Shaebia …for what? 

Shaebia is well aware; a strong and democratic government in Ethiopia is a deathblow to its expansionist, irredentist and anti Ethiopian policy. Shabia has learnt the political program of kinijit, was following the rhetoric behind the May 2005 election and beyond. Shaebia was seriously worried, troubled if Kinijit had replaced TPLF.It is this wrapped political manoeuvre, sophistic Shaebia that our inept representatives failed to understand, and to our dismay, advised us to follow their footsteps: it is an insult to our intellect, particularly to Kinijit leaders and to the Ethiopian people. Whilst they had no courage to discuss the issue with the Ethiopian public, they chose to seal such a fundamental issue with Shaebia irredentists: that …that is too excessive …and may not go without a price to pay.

 Meskerm Atalay so called commander of Ethiopian Peoples Patriotic Front (delegated by Mussie Tegene from Eritrea – a myopic individual who for ulterior motives tried to theorize the repression of BUDA – Gojam within the Amhara…, a failure), currently a failed asylum seeker in Germany and groups from Kinijit NA, including Solomon Bekele an ordinary business man (US) who had no clue to politics plotted to make such a draconian deal: AFD. Later on so called Kinijit International had to rubber stump same pact with no any amendment and without any consultation- dashing legitimate expectation of Kinijit followers: probably, they had no power to amend such a document without the permission of Shaebia.

Meskerem of EPPF was smuggled to Holland by Eritrean Embassy cars in order to form the so-called Alliance. He was chosen and prepared for this purpose knowing not only of his stunning naivety but his foolhardiness, literally a peasant with no experience, and exposition to such responsibility. Tesfaye Getachew and others from the Front  were either killed or excluded knowing they would not be instrumental to Shaebia and the causes of OLF.  Seleshi from London was advised in secret to attend same conference to help interpret for Meskerem the commander from English to Amharic, the working language of the so-called Alliance. People who know Selehi doubt his efficiently in the language; doubt his political stance and most importantly his sudden appearance to the scene of politics. Until very recently, he has been an advocate of TPLF, constant visitor of Ethiopia and people doubt of his recent change and if he had actually changed for the better.  Flamboyant Solomon, a businessperson in the US is better known for his tax evasion, love of wine and woman, nothing more.   So called Kinijit appointees are notoriously known for their incompetence, who have not yet finished their internal fight for positions within the AFD and within their own Committee. Sadly, the political background of so-called KI is worrying and precarious, for example if you take Andargachew Tsige, his political outlook  is  same to TPLF. One would note, his disagreement with the TPLF some years ago was not a mater of principle but of position and authority, was not a matter of substance but of prestige,  forget what he talks now. For a better understanding of this individual you may have to read “yamara tigil keyet wedeyet”, a brochure (edited by TPLF ideologues) intended to oppose the then AAPO, led by Professor Asrat and followers. His brochure perfectly argues for the formation of nation states within the framework of ethnic perennials, an attempt to show his dedication and loyalty to Meles Zenawi. He is an individual who utterly agreed and worked with TPLF’s ethnic ideology with conviction until he left TPLF for personal vendetta.  The political stance of those so-called KI raises questions than answers, a troubling development. Sadly, it is these individuals for some reasons who assumed to take such a leadership with no apparent   legitimacy.  It appears that they do not understand or they do not want to understand  that they are no body to make or unmake a deal on issues that matters to Ethiopia. For sure, such an issue is of great importance to Ethiopian integrity, sovereignty, existence and needs people of high calibre, authority contingent to democratic representations and not by any backdoor means whatsoever.

To add bitter to our injury, in defiance to our intelligence and most importantly the Ethiopian people, we were told that the
Alliance was called by OLF, chaired by Dawd Ibsa, leader of the OLF and the AFD. Later on, we were served with so-called Memorandum of Understanding and Statute as an outcome and deliberation of the Alliance.  In this theatrical incidence, the first causality was truth and the second causality is the Ethiopian people and Kinijit proper simply because there was no truth about it. The truth about it is that this whole episode was designed, orchestrated and cooked by Shaebia in Asmara and staged in Holland. The actors of the episode ( Kinijit, EPPF, OLF,ONLF,and SLF) have lied about the truth; the Ethiopian people should know the truth, deserves the truth but the only truth: that the episode  was hatched, nurtured,  masterminded by Shaebiea. On the day of the formation of the alliance, a senior Asmara official was seen in the vicinity, abetting, procuring the conduct of the meeting from a hotel room. The Ethiopian public has the right to know the truth. Enough is enough; days have gone when the interest of individuals prevailed over and above mother Ethiopia. Days have gone where few power – driven, inept individuals decided over the fate of a nation, a nation with more than 70 million people. Once again, enough is enough, and such an injustice, mockery has to stop, Ethiopians should and can struggle better knowing the truth about it. We use this opportunity to call those who know the in and out of this sabotage and design, those who know Shabeya’s hand behind the Alliance, to come openly and tell the truth for the Ethiopian people. Not to do so, has no alternative explanation but to stand with saboteurs and betray Ethiopian interest.  In the event that you are not prepared to tell the truth, help the Ethiopian people  know the truth, help the Ethiopian cause for unity and democracy, we will have no option but to mention your names to the Ethiopian people: remember this Ethiopian saying” minim biteman merz anitetam!
 The AFD is not a necessity; could kinijit finish its course of action in anyway? 

The formation of the AFD may be desirable but not a necessity.  It is desirable if and only if secessionist Fronts are prepared to stop singing the separation of their ethnic groups from Ethiopia. The archaic mentality of seceding Ethiopians from Ethiopians is not only bizarre but also irrational. They should be most welcomed if prepared to solve multifaceted social, economic problems within greater, historical Ethiopia. Their language of “colonizers, colonized” should be a language of the past. They may have to agree that the central problem of Ethiopians is luck of genuine democracy, equality; economic and social injustice not necessarily unleashed by such a nation; freedom from shackles of tyranny including elective dictatorship of any draconian nature.   

Diverse Ethiopians irrespective of their linguistic and cultural differences have maintained the unity of Ethiopia for centuries. The Amharas, the Ormos, The Tigrians and others have fought together for same destiny; sustain the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia with great courage and commitment. Ethiopians of cross culture, linguistic divide have a lot to share than divide them. Shared values, culture, language, genealogy, psychological make- up of all Ethiopians outweigh alleged differences.     Secession, ethnic xenophobia, blind nationalism, organised national movements are of recent phenomena in our history.  Ethiopia had survived for centuries with no such blind dogmas, and could maintain its integrity without such ethnic ideology.  The TPLF, OLF, SLF and other ethnic based movements were brought to the scene by ethno- centric ideologues who wee not prepared to solve national issues by any democratic means or by way of conviction that such a nation would not  resolve  its dilemma unless by  way of secession. This is an ideology and remains to be one of vestige doctrines adorned by few ethno-centrists and not necessarily shared by the ethnic group, which they allege to have represented.

 It is contended that ethno-centric movements are not a necessity, and in most instances are not desirable. In fact, they are redundant and are reduced to no more than nightclubs, as is their status in the civilized West. Ethno-centrism is pushed to the margin; there is no appetite to consume such an ideology.  Such an ideology is incompetent to the values of civic democracy and is only a talking shop in this 21st century. Their respective seats in parliaments (Europe) is insignificant and their role nominal, diminished with no credibility

whatsoever.  Extremely diverse societies such as India, US are essentially driven by political outlook such as liberal, conservative, republican, democratic. In most diverse, developed and developing countries  the language of secession, self- determination is excluded in their constitutions , taking into consideration the historical remoteness of such contexts and most importantly valuing the importance of living together in a global world that constantly changes for the betterment of all people, not ethnic per se.  Sadly, ethnic ideology is given unnecessary, too excessive weight in Ethiopia by some ethno-centric minded individuals, like Mr Zenwi who claims to be representatives of this or that nation though, with no any democratic consent. Thus, the sliding of Kinijit into such an alliance is uncalled for, unwarranted, reckless and such a social engineering is pathetic.

Kinijit proper is the reflection, legal and democratic expression of the Ethiopian people.  The aims, content, short and long – term vision of the organization tallies with the entire fabrics of the Ethiopian people. Following the May 2005 election, Kinijit is the undoubted democratic expression of all people in Ethiopia: the Amhara, Oromo, Tigre , Gurage, Agew, Sidama, Somali, Gumuz etc Composition of  leadership, composition of rank and file members of party, sympathizers, reflect all people in Ethiopia and not this or that ethnic group or ethnic based party. Ethiopians voted Kinijit knowing that it stands for all people, knowing that it reflects the political, economic, cultural fabrics of all and most importantly knowing that kinijit promotes civility, equality, justice, modernity to all its citizens. This has given kinijit representational authority to stand and speak on behalf of all Ethiopians unlike OLF, ONLF and SLF. One would note that, TPLF is in power not because it won the election, not because it won the heart and mind of the Ethiopian  people but by a barrel of gun, by killing MPs, innocent citizens, intimidation of  the voting public, day light robbery  and most importantly by imprisoning its dear sons and daughters.

Unchained or surviving  kinijit members, supporters both at Home and Diaspora have a duty to continue same cause, take actions endorsed by the Ethiopian voting public and the leadership at Kaliti and not the leadership at the Diaspora.  The organisational, political vision of kinijit proper is simple and clear. It is a force of unity and democracy alone, the leadership is known for its track record of fighting for Ethiopian unity and integrity: this and this alone was the causal analysis of their success, won the trust and confidence of the Ethiopian people against all odds: it is this cause and this cause alone that so called KI had to learn, though they wretchedly learnt the Shaebian way of thinking. Those so-called representatives should have learnt that ethnic tailored organisations including TPLF were unsuccessful and voted out of office, if rule of law had prevailed. This has laid down the course of choice, set the political direction and substantive nature of the struggle. Same analogy could be drawn to all ethnic based organisations: The Ethiopian public appears not to have appetite for ethnic based organisations including the OLF, ONLF, and SLF. The Ethiopian people are aware that these ethnic based organisations brought nothing except division, discord, ethnic cleansing.  One should note that OLF does not mean equal to the Oromo people (OLF not =Oromo people), same could be said to SLF and others. The Oromos, the Ogadens the Sidamas are better off without OLF, ONLF and SLF, and can better resolve problems in democratic Ethiopia with fellow Ethiopians.  

Unlike Liberations Fronts Kinijit is the legitimate and democratic expression of  the Ethiopian people. Hence, its active members, supporters  could pursue the course of action as envisaged by those in Kaliti, and not by disillusioned so- called representative of the Diaspora ( KI). The KIs  are in breach of trust and confidence of the Ethiopian people. Therefore, popular, genuine Kinijit members, supporters should continue their relentless struggle against the TPLF, making sure that such a fight does not beget a similar version such as the AFD, however complex and multifaceted it might be. The AFD is another brand of TPLF, abetted, and procured by Shaebia, a monster that could potentially unleash ethnic cleansing, total chaos in the country. The formation of the AFD is probably the unintended consequence of the absence of proper leadership, which culminated by the imprisonment of its leaders.  In the circumstance courageous, determined kinijit followers, party members should do their own job,  pursue their own course of action as was  envisaged by Kinijit Proper and not by riffraff’s, Trojan horses  of the OLF/ Shaebia.  “MINIM  BITEMAN  MERZ  ANITETAM” 

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  1. Thank you for your deep and hamble article. Why the KI fail to shabia is clear now , because the have power monger and they follow hatred politics.

  2. Hello stuborn Habasha,you gona see the effect of your stubornity if you proceed this way!
    As per my undertanding,it is better for you(dehumanized to think as being suprior,the only one to lead) to bow for the linchpin created by OLF!!
    Else your dream of unity of Ethiopia will be void!!!
    By the time this happen,you only gets out of your evil mask under the guise of Unity!
    I have been seriously following the issue of Ethiopia since 1974!

  3. Dear Andinet Lagere, thank you for telling it like it is. AFD is another tplf/eplf. AFD had accepted the outdated weyane constitution that is officialy rejected by the Ethiopian people on May 15, 2005. Those irresponsible pigs (berhane mewa, selemon bekele, yoseph yazew and andargachew tsige)who signed MOU with the shabya created AFD will not get away after selling out Ethiopia to shabya. Yes shabya is very much disturbed by an Ethiopian party taking over power, shabya is trying eberything it could to sabotage the struggle of the Ethiopian people for freedom and democracy. With God the Ethiopian people will be victorious. I thank God for exposing the sell outs, God bless you Andinet Lagere.

  4. Read the following to understand why you are unity-freak!!

    Why UEDF-Amaras are pro-unity freaks, TPLF-Tegarus are looters and ULFO-Oromos are separatists!?

    The idea and enthusiasm that AFD can be the right instrument to bring the already polarized Abeshas and Oromos nearer to each other, back to their common sense and help them to think and act reasonablly has engulfed a lot of people since the inception of the alliance. I personally tried enthusiastically to promote the success of the alliance. Unfortunately I encountered in different forums many extremist Abeshas and “Galla-phobics”, who persistently preach anti-Oromo notions as well have radical ideas against self-determination of this great nation. Some of them oppose every thing AFD. These “Galla-phobics” and extremists will never be allowed to get a chance to hinder the Oromo struggle to self-determination. The issue of unity, self-determination and independence is not actually on which we can convince each other. Based on the expected benefit, almost all Abeshas are for unity, whereas the majority of Oromos (except few yewah/garaami Oromos) are for self-determination which may lead either to Ethiopian unity or to Oromian Independence based on the free will of Oromos with out any imposition from Abeshas.

    What ever is preached, be it unity, self-determination or independence, primarily it is for the sake of the economical benefit to those who preach them respectively!! Unity, self-determination and independence per se are not the highest moral goods. They are merely the meanses to the planned ends, i.e. to what ever is good in general and to economical gain in particular to those who preach them respectively. No discussion is essential about it, but it is just interesting to look at the following simple analogy:

    Let’s assume a personified Tigrai does have only 10 Birr, Amhara 100 and Oromia 1000. Now these three try to agree on the way how to live together. There are three options:
    1) They can live under the condition that one robing the others if he has pistol (power).
    2) All live together united in which they use commonly and share equally what they do have in common (1110 birr: each taking 370).
    3) They live separated and each using his own possesion (Tigrai uses his 10 Birr, Amhara his 100 and Oromia his 1000).

    Any way the question is, who tends to robe the others, who preferably advertises unity and who most probably wants separate life? No question the person Tigrai if he has pistol in his hand robes the other two, who do have more. The person Amhara preaches unity, because he knows he gets more (which is 370 instead of his only 100) if unity is successfull. The person Oromia tries to resist both to hinder the lose he suffers (which is totally 630 Birr: 360 to Tigrai and 270 to Amhara). So he rejects unity and struggles against roberry. He knows how much he looses!

    Now it is easier to understand why TPLF-Tegarus came with gun and loot what ever they can from Amhara, Oromia and others. We also understand why UEDF-Amharas untiredly cry for unity, as if unity per se is an absolute moral virtue. It is not the unity what is important for them, but the “270 (370 – 100) birr” they gain if their nation live in unity with Oromia and other rich areas. That explains their schizophrenic charachter in which they on one side persistently “request” in different forums that Tegarus better declare their independence and go to their “dry land”, whereas on the other side they persistently cry against the possible “secession” of Oromia. TPLF-Tegarus’ motto towards Oromia is “bechebeta wede ashaaro tetega” and that of UEDF-Amharas is “chibit kolo yizeh wede asharo tetega!” They came to Oromia with either no resource (be chebeta) or with meager resource (be chibit kolo) in order to consume massively the abandont resource (ashaaro) of Oromia. That is why, it is understandable looking at Oromos reject such type of unity in which the grand children of Minilik and Yohanes rule the whole corner of Oromia and consume the whole “ashaaro” of Oromo people. If any, then only fool Oromos cry for such unity and tolerate such robbery.

    The alliance, AFD, seems to be the attempt of moderate Amharas and moderate Oromos to get rid of the TPLF-looters, so that the sharing of Amharas and the saving of Oromos may rise from “370 to 550 Birr”. That seems to be the win-win arrangement made between the moderate CUD-Amharas and the moderate OLF-Oromos. The question which remains to be answered is: what will happen after they get rid of the TPLF-looters? Will OLF-Oromos arrange to live further with only this almost half of their peoples’ possesion at the hand of Oromo people or will they also try to get rid of the consuming Amaras, so that Oromo people can own their whole “1000 Birr” in order to share it to the needy neighbours based on their free will?!

    There are three possibilities to be achieved:
    1) Forging HAR (Horn of African Republic) in which the kilils will be dismantled as the extremist Abeshas wish to see. That meanse both the looters and the freaks continue to devour on the ressource of Oromia.

    2) Formation of HAF (Horn of African Federation) in which all national states will have their own genuine autonomy and the looters and the freaks get advantage of Oromia’s resource only indirectly through federal government.

    3) Arrangement in a form of HAC (Horn of African Confederation) which enables all states to use their own resources and seek help from their neighbours only in case they are in crisis.

    The last two possibilities are the most likely out comes of the effort of AFD. Both can fullfill the goal of both self-determination and unity. OLF-Oromos by advocating the very important element of democracy, i.e. self-determination, show their commitiment to democracy. Unity can be the result of self-determination. Unity with out democratic decision of the public is dictatorial unification like that of unifying Jugoslavia by the dictator Marshal Tito. Independence with out genuine and free self-determination of the public is also dictatorial liberation like that of liberating Eritrea by dictator Isayas. So self-determination is the concept against both dictatorial liberation and dictatorial unification. Ethiopian “unification” starting from Menilik to Meles was dictatorial. CUD-Amharas in AFD seem now to try unification in a democratic way. Unfortunatlly the extremists in the party still preach the unconditional unity (want to dictate unity) and reject the self-determination of Oromo people and others. Just as OLF-Oromos are now a days reserved from liberation rhetoric and speak only about self-determination, it is expected from the CUD-Amharas to be reserved from their rhetoric about unity, on which they seem to make no compromise. They also should concentrate on self-determination of the public at large. In a free and democratic society, it is only the decision of the people which matters. So both pro Oromian independence and pro Ethiopian unity parties in the alliance will just bring their arguements to the public when the time comes and then live according to the verdict. It is just commendable to see CUD and OLF leadership agree on the basic need of freedom and democracy which can lead to the stable and new type of Ethiopian unity (unity of autonomous nations in the empire in which individual rights of all citizens and collective rights of all national groups will be fully respected).

    The other option which actually doesn’t seem to be in a sense of the pro alliance Abeshas is the establishment of independent states, like state of Oromia republic, Amhara, Ogadenia…etc. Then people of Oromia will be the only master of their own “1000 Birr” who can be ready to share it to the needy neighbours based only on their free will.

    In summary, the three current enemies of AFD are:
    1) UEDF-Amharas, who want unity by any meanse!! = dictatorial unification force

    2) TPLF-Tegarus, who want power by any meanse!! = dictatorial autocratic front

    3) ULFO-Oromos, who want independence by any meanse !! They seem to belong to a dictatorial liberation front, but such front is the best medihanit against the dictatorial Abeshas.

    AFD seems to be theoretically the forum for moderates i.e for democratic unification forces like CUD and for democratic liberation fronts like OLF, which struggle for the forging of freedom and democracy including self-determination to achieve either Oromian independence or Ethiopian unity based on the verdict of the public. The UEDF-Amhara extremists still persistently preach their unconditional unity and even the supposed moderate/liberal CUD-Amharas yet said nothing in support of self-determination of Oromo people. OLF-Oromos seem just trying the alliance against the dictatorial culture of most Abeshas. It is very difficult for most Abeshas to be democratic. They seem to have their own version of democracy. TPLF-Tegarus’ democracy excludes power transfer and UEDF-Amharas’ democracy excludes self-determination. Power transfer meanse for TPLF-Tegarus lose of their “pistol”, which they need for looting, that meanse it is a lose of the “360 Birr”. Self-determination meanse for UEDF-Amharas lose of their “unity”, which they need in order to keep their empire, that meanse it is a lose of “270 Birr”. Both these excluded concepts (power transfer and self-determination) are the core values of the true democracy. Unfortunatelly it is impossible to convince both of UEDF-Amharas and TPLF-Tegarus on these respective virtues. They can only be compelled to accept them. OLF-Oromos are the organized power which try to compell TPLF-Tegarus to accept the democratic power transfer and the UEDF-Amharas to accept the democratic self-determination of peoples. AFD can be effective to compell TPLF-Tegarus to give up power (their profit) whereas yet the alliance of only liberation fronts of oppressed peoples in the empire is mandatory to compell UEDF-Amharas to give up their colonies (their profit). The end goal of Oromo liberation movement is the final achievement of Oromos in which they become the only master of their total “1000 Birr”, which they can share with the needy neighbours based only on their free will!!

  5. U EPRP people , Donot Forget that you have blood on your hands and Equally acquntable as Dergue do.

    You want to use the remaining youth to serve you as a solider and help you to retain the power that you lost and missed long time ago.

    Now it is the 21 centure and we donot need you dead carpEPRP peopel. we have given you the time, 40+ years, our brothers and sisters assumming that you will bering hope for the people but at the End we found you useless carps who are running to snatch power with the blood of the poors. Enough is Enough. Give the chance for the new generation and see what he will do,,

    Dead carps

  6. Bashew,

    No wonder! The comment aired is a reflection of how immature you are politically and have run out of substances. Your shallow mindedness is further attested by the fact that you have little knowledge of EPRP in terms of its commitment and sacrifice. EPRP shed its blood for the liberation of the Ethiopian people from the yoke of dictators. A noble and heroic struggle to ensure a democratic political structure.

    Little knowledge is dangerous! Let me give you a piece of advice – take sometime to research Ethiopian Political History before you throw your unjustified and abusive allegations!

  7. bashaw,
    If u want to share ur opinion try. Otherwise there are uncountable forums for u & ur likes. What is ur problem with the organization? Political difference or old deeds? I assure you that, u’ll always have nightmares about the first true ETHIOPIAN political party EPRP. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!
    BTW, are the olf using old people to fight thier dirty war? what about the tplf?


  9. I have read Andenet lagere’s article, though late, with great enthusiasm,and admiration. We need to see more of similar articles, bold and courageous individuals who are able to tell us the truth.
    we are writing in the name of three Ethiopians, equally
    share Lage’s concern about future Ethiopia.

  10. ihbihbih

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