VOA and Lidetu: Shame! Shame!

By Yilma Begashaw 

We are angered by the softly softly interview of Lidetu by the VOA on 02/08/06.

The VOA has all the right to talk to anybody as it wishes. However, they are also expected to maintain their journalistic profession when they talk to such destructive, dangerous and hopeless persons such as this man called Lidetu (rather Kihdetu Afyalew, as refereed to by one of Ethiopian political critics).

An article published on Kinijit website of 02 August 2006, under ‘TPLF Mole Lidetu Ayalew Confronted by Ethiopians in Washington DC’,  is concluded with the following remark: ‘In  the long run, Lidetu and his collaborators will not escape justice for the duplicity of Lidetu in the murder of Prof. Asrat and the incarceration of Kinijit’s leaders.  I say this to his followers:  When truth stands in your way, it’s time to change directions’. 

Lidetu is such a person living with crime and shame. The Ethiopian people do not want to hear his voice or see his face. That is why he is living as a fugitive in Ethiopia behind the financial and military protection of Al Amoudin and the Woyane assassin squads.

As the records clearly show, he made the highest contribution to sabotaging the last national election, betraying his own Kinijit Coalition and the imprisonment of the Kinijit true leaders. He planted agents in the Woyane prison cells and concentration camps to spy on Kinijit leaders in favour of his paymasters – the Woyanes. Since he came to political platform following the seizure of power by the Woyanes, he always played destructive roles, polluting, poisoning and sabotaging political groups such as All Amhara…(AAPO), Hibret (UEDF), All Ethiopia …(AEPO) and finally Kinijit (CUD).

After his heavy contribution to sending all those leaders to jails, and affecting the aspirations of our people for democracy, he took a place in the Woyane pseudo parliament. Now he is jumping to the
USA to give a democratic mask to the Woyanes to win a ministerial position. Lidetu has proved to do any thing for the Woyanes and for their masters so long as he fulfils his financial egos and sadism. I was ashamed to hear his gratitude to the Woyane Embassy in the USA for inviting him to dinner. But this would not surprise any one as he always dines with the Woyanes and the Al Amoudis.

The VOA made on of the greatest mistakes by failing to expose this enemy of our people by bombarding him with cross questions.

When asked why he came to the USA, he mentioned that the purpose of his visit does not have any thing to do with the Ethiopian politics as he only came to learn parliamentary systems, fundraising, blah, blah. Towards the end, he mentioned about his meetings with the American officials such as Mr. Yammamoto in whish he claims to have raised political issues, including the release of the CUD leaders. This is a clear bluff. Do you forget when he commented last year that the CUD will not survive beyond one week.

Dear VOAs, I respect and admire most of your programmes. But I think you have failed terribly regarding the choice of this man for the interview and for the tune of the discussion. It rather looks as though it is a face lifting for this rejected and ejected criminal. He will never succeed. The Ethiopian people have already known what kind of dangerous enemy he and his hopeless advisers are and have been trying to forget him completely. He is dead and will be buried together with his Woyane paymasters. Enough is enough!!!!!! Please. 

Mech Telemedena Ketekula Zimdina?

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