Somalia’s Mad Dog

By Mesfin Arega 

Somalia’s mad dog?  I know.  This must be a very strange, extremely rare dog – the only one of its kind in the whole world – Somalia being an almost exclusively Moslem country and the dog being the most cursed animal in the religion – more so than the serpent in the Judo-Christian tradition.  But this is what that vicious dictator in Ethiopia – the sinister Meles Zenawi – exactly is.   

The Somalis themselves reared this dog, allowed it to defecate in their back yard, let it to desecrate their house, and even gave it – this cursed dog, this ultimate defilement for a Muslim – a Somali identity.  What is more, they intentionally infected it with the deadly rabies virus so that, when unleashed, it will run straight to Ethiopia and bite her fatally.

Bite her? It did.  It bit her to the bone.  Spread the virus throughout the holy – immaculate – land? You bet.  Not a single village in Ethiopia was spared of the deadly virus.  Fatally?   This I am not sure.   I pray not, but only time will tell.  Besides, one can never overestimate the resilience of Ethiopianism – the belief that Ethiopia – the cradle of mankind – is the only holy land in the whole world and that the idea it embodies is the only true religion –  of which I, the writer of  this letter, am a devout – pious – believer.   

There is one thing I am completely sure about, though.  In it entire history – which continuously stretches back for thousands of years – Ethiopia has never ever been bitten like this before, has never ever been infected like this before, and has never ever been sick like this before.  Even the notorious Ahmed Gran – who, by the way, may most likely have originated form the eastern part of what used to be Greater Ethiopia – the present day Somalia –  didn’t manage to inflict a fraction of the damage done by this sick dog of Somalia. 

However – in their misguided zeal to see Ethiopia disintegrate and share the spoil – the Somalis forget – or rather choose to forget – one glaring fact of nature.   A dog will always be a dog.  It has slavish mentality.  It loves being kept on a leash – and a short one at that.  It always has to have a master – it can’t live without one.  Nothing makes it happier than licking its master’s boot.   

It is extremely subservient – too eager to follow its master’s orders.  It is ever ready to bark whenever it is told to strike fear by empty bravado, to run wherever it is told to go, and to bite whomever it is told to bite.  To be its master, all you have to do is to provide it with its basic material needs and  – once in a while – call it by whatever name you gave it and tap it gently, holding it by its collar.    

So far so good for the Somalis.  But here is the big problem.  When a dog is infested with the rabies virus – which gravely affects its nervous system – it loses its capacity to recognize people and aggressively bites anybody and everybody on its way – even its own master!

This is what the sick dog of Somalia – known as Legese Naziawi in Ethiopia and Meles Zenawi in the rest of the world –  is now doing in Somalia. It bit practically everybody in Ethiopia and – when there is no more left to bite – turned towards Somalia.  It has to keep on biting until it dies.  That is what the rabies virus does to a dog.  Unfortunately, there is neither a cure nor a vaccination for this virus.   The only solution is to put the dog down – the sooner the better.

Thus, Somalis should stop wrongly blaming Ethiopia for their country’s  predicament.  They should put the blame right where it belongs – on the shoulder of their own Frankenstein Meles Zenawi. Ethiopia herself has been constantly bleeding for more than fifteen years from this monster creation of theirs that has run out of their control and is now roaring to devour them.

There is one thing I would love to hear from my Somali brothers.  What is the name they gave to their own version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?  How do they call it?  Do they call this beast Meles Zenawi like the rest of the world or have they coined a Somali language equivalent for the German term Frankenstein – “stone of the Franks”?

Somalis should also refrain from calling the conflict they have with their own dog a religious conflict – an Armageddon between “Christian” Ethiopia and Moslem Somalia .  First of all, their enemy is not “Christian” Ethiopia.  Their enemy is their own sick dog.  And a dog is neither Christian nor Muslim.  It is just a dog.  

Secondly – and more importantly – were it not for “Christian” Ethiopia which gave sanctuary to the followers of prophet Mohammed –  the first country in the whole world to give refugee to victims of religious persecution – Islam as a religion would most certainly have been non existent today – at least as we now know it – and the Somalis would have most certainly been converted to Christianity – introduced to the purest version of the religion by Ethiopia or to the distorted version – the version used to subjugate the black man and colonize Africa – by white missionaries.   

Before they talk about defending Islam, the Somalis should properly know the early history of the religion – how it got started.  They should read, for example, the prophet’s letter to the then king of Ethiopia.  The first hijra was – not to Medina – but to Ethiopia which was then ruled by a Christian king called Negasi.   “The king of Ethiopia, well-known for being a just and God-fearing man, welcomed the Muslim refugees from Makkah into his kingdom. He gave them sanctuary, and they enjoyed peace, security and freedom of worship under his protection”. 

In short, the Somalis cannot tell Ethiopians about Islam.  That will be just like – as we say in Ethiopia – a daughter teaching her mother about labor.  Let alone the Somalis, even the Arabs themselves – who often behave as if they own Islam but were its arch enemies in its infancy – when it was most vulnerable – should not have the nerve to lecture Ethiopians about that religion.    

Somalis should open their eyes and closely look who desperately wants to turn this quagmire created by Meles Zenawi into a decisive religious battle between Christianity and Islam.  They are non other than the Wuhabists and the Al Qaidas – notorious Arab ationalists whose profess deep love for Islam – only because they can easily use it to advance their age-old hidden agenda – the forceful imposition of Arab culture and language over the rest of the world.      

Christian Africans should always heed to the prophetic words of the great Jommo Kenyatta – “The Europeans gave us bibles only so that, when we close our eyes to pray, they can take our land”.  To this great advice I – the humble Mesfin Arega – would like to add a dire warning – especially to my Muslim African brothers.  The Wuhabists give us the Koran only so that, when we kneel down to pray, they can chop our heads off and completely arabize Africa 

This warning is real.  The Arabs have are already done it in North Africa in the so called maghreb countries including what is now called Egypt – the land of Tutankhamen and other great black pharaohs – and Tunisia – the land of the great black general, the conqueror of the Alps – Hannibal.  They are now – as we speak – doing it in Darfur.   

Land – not Islam – is the primary concern of the Wuhabists in Africa.  Islam is nothing for them but only a means to an end.    The only jihad that counts for the Wuhabists in Africa is not the jihad in defense of Islam per se, but the jihad for the complete control of the land by the total extermination of its rightful owner – the black man.  They won’t spare any black person – even if that person is a devout Muslim – as the Darfurians – who are hundred percent Muslim – have painfully realized. 

Thus if the Somalis allow fanatic Arab nationalists – the Wuhabists and Al Qaidas – to roam freely in their land, the next thing they know is that their country has suddenly become the second Darfur.  Soon these Arab and pseudo-arab fanatics will turn to Janjewids and then start carrying out indiscriminate – merciless – slaughtering of Somalis in every corner of Somalia so much so that the Somalis will have absolutely no place to hide in their own country.   

Then the Somalis will have no option but to flee en masse to Ethiopia – the very country they love to hate.  They have done this a number of times before, and they will not hesitate at all to do it in any future emergency –  since the Somalis very well know that the only country in the whole world that will not only accept them en masse – without any screening – but also treats them – not as second class citizens – but equally with – and sometimes better than – her own citizens is none other than Ethiopia .   

The Somalis know that when the chips are down – when their situation becomes precarious – all the Arab and other Muslim countries – which are now egging them on for a suicidal war against Ethiopia – and all those western countries which – through their vicious propaganda machines – are daily telling them that Ethiopia is their mortal enemy – will turn their faces away from them.  They will fence their borders with barbed wires to prevent Somalis from entering their countries and will throw out those few who managed to sneak in – hand cuffed.      

Deep down their heart the Somalis deeply love Ethiopia.  This I know for sure because Somalians are extremely proud and fiercely independent people – and Ethiopia is the embodiment of both.   

Thus the easiest – and the only – temporary solution for Somalia’s problem is not to invite Wuhabi jihadists – who will soon turn into their deadly enemies – but to side with Ethiopians who are wedging a life and death struggle to put Somalia’s mad dog down once and for all.   The final – everlasting – solution is the return to the ancient Greater Ethiopia – I would rather call her Cushia – by the total unification of these one and the same people – the Ethiopians and the Somalians – the Cushites.     

Finally, Somalis should stop talking about annexing the Ogaden region – a region sacred for Ethiopians for it is the final resting place of the hero of Korahe – Dejazmach Afewok Woldesemayat –  and tens of thousands of other brave Ethiopians who paid the ultimate sacrifice defending it from European predator beasts long before – way long before – Somalia became a nation.  Other wise, the Somalis will make sure that – not Meles Zenawi – but Ethiopians are their enemies.   

Given the pathetic state their country is in, the last thing the Somalis should do is provoke Ethiopian nationalism.  Then all hell will break lose and the Somalis very well know what that means.  They just have to refer to their history which should not be that difficult, their country – in the annals of world history – being just like a baby born yesterday – carved out of Greater Ethiopia by white supremacists – the sworn enemies of the entire black nationhood which, I might add, includes the Somalis themselves.       

By the way – if it gives them any satisfaction – Somalis should feel free to burn Meles Zenawi’s flag.  Nothing will make Ethiopians happier.  However, I would like to notify my Muslim Somali brothers that if they look closely at the center of that devilish flag, there is a scratch of lines – a star – which, in conjunction with the moon, is the emblem of their own religion.   Just never, ever dare to disrespect – let alone burn – the green-yellow-red flag adorned by the lion.  That is the flag of the BLACK LIONS – the Ethiopians.   


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  1. Glad to be here for the first time. Will certainly check back soon.

  2. man you are crazy Somalia will never be friends with Ethiopia and Islam will live on in Usama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri call Somalia the land of Jihad and it they{Mujahideen} are called the lions of the desert,so Mr or Ms or whatever you are i don’t see any black lion but us!!!!!!!!and by Allah’s will we should reunite the land of As-Somaal{Arabic for Somalia}and kick out the Abbyssinans from our lands and we will bring justice!!!. And please don’t call Arabs terrorists and they are not using if they were they would have helped us in Jihad,plus Somalis are practically considred Arabs of the yemeni kind and most historian say by the ninth century A.D Somalis had traveled down from present day Yemen and into the Somali penninsula.Anyways Allah will grant victory to all his rightous servents(muslims) wether black or white for God created his servents equally islam has no racsim. Bye

  3. Moses…

    once again you outdid myself…

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