By Wondimu Mekonnen

Betty the beautiful girl!
Bubbly family pearl!
Betty the little wonder!
Tiny fast learner!
She was expected to go far!
Shining little star!
Betty had unique talent,
Prodigy young poet!
Smart, cute and bright!
Complex poems she could write.
Betty troubleshooter!
Genius at computer.
Unfortunately she could not shine,
The regime in power is a swine.
She saw right, she saw left,
No hope for her mind to rest.
No job, no money no future,
Under the tyrant furore.
Although she was so loved
Hugged, kissed and pampered
One day Betty disappeared.
Lovely Betty was gone!
Destination Lebanon!
Betty left behind her nation,
To face risk of humiliation.
No more breakfast in bed!
Betty became an Arab maid!
Cooking, cleaning, laundry,
Modern day slavery!
Exploited and used,
Shouted at and abused!
Determined to stay alive!
Betty struggled to survive!
She had no fears!
Protected by her mother’s prayers and tears!
When things go wrong,
She’d tell herself “Stay strong!”
She lived on poems for an inspiration,
To ease her pain from the tribulation!
Hidden away from her Madame,
She would write a piercing poem!
She was such a precious!
But God gracious!
Lebanon became under fire!
Bombardment of Israel!
Ash-Shadu Allah!!!
Tit-for-tat shoots Hezbollah!
Death toll climbed higher!
Betty caught in cross fire!
As if the slavery was not enough!
Life turned into a scary tough!
The Ethiopian diamond among the rough!
Was abandoned like a worthless stuff!
Her owners ditched our precious girl!
Exposing her to peril!
Grenades rained like a hell!
Betty dodged the bombshell!
As she heard crying sound,
She turned to look around.
There she saw a moving head
Another discarded maid.
She ran to her and gave her hug and comfort!
Saying “ayzosh
Betty offered her a real support,
As she was in total shock and anguish.
Betty was so dignified
As she saw others terrified.
The ordeal could go for long,
Betty had to remain strong!
Pulling herself together
She called out for all sisters!
One after the other
The girls started to gather!
She wanted for more to care,
But there was no time to spare
“Do not fear!
We shall not going to die here”
Shouted brave Betty,
As she led the girls to safety.
She took the Northern route!
Cheating death in the city of Beirut!
Betty took others into a second exile!
On foot miles after mile!
Then she had to focus
To materialise her effort
On the road to Damascus,
Deep into the Syrian Desert.
Betty hit the Syrian Road
Like Paul
She thought she could meet the Lord.
Without food or water
The girls had to suffer!
Not only that!
Hungry and confused
Whenever they were found
By the fearsome desert nomads
Some were robbed, raped and abused.
But Betty bets to stay alive!
Just for a day to survive!
At any price!
By any device!
Though she carries this heavy burden
She would find that safe haven.
At night
Under the twinkling stars light
Betty gazes up for a guide
Life is a rough ride.
She’s is out of Lebanon
Not to return forever gone!
“Move on!”
Come-on girls!
Betty shouts!
Her party should not stop!
In Damascus there is no hope.
Their safety is agile
Syria is hostile.
Though the journey could be murky
They might make it to Turkey!
Not to easily get hurt,
Wondering in the desert
Huddled together at night!
For security close tight!
Under the twinkling star light
Betty writes!
“Mothers and fathers!
Brothers and sisters!
Ethiopian patriots!
My people and compatriots
Rescue us before we perish,
Don’t cry if we die in anguish!
Don’t hurt your eyes in sorrow!
Shade no tears for us tomorrow!
Before our lives waste away
Do something right today!”

Dedicated to all sisters hiding in Beirut, suffering in Syrian Desert and Turkey after escaping from Lebanon.

Listen Tensae Radio broadcast of 24 July 2006.
3 among Betty’s 200 poems can be heard at:  

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39 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Dear Debteraw
    betty….is wonderful our pearl lady Dr wondemeu enamsegenalen plz ketechale serawochuan be myamerew dimesua betaseman des yilenal

  2. Dear Debteraw you you really did a good Job about beutiful ethiopian sister Betty, DR. wondimu thank you for remembering the our ethiopian sister betty with you pen, this is reall encouraging to other ethiopians.
    I proud of Debteraw, Wondimu And Bettyeeeee.
    Ermias T

  3. Dear Debteraw you really did a good Job about beutiful ethiopian sister Betty, DR. wondimu thank you for remembering our ethiopian sister betty with your pen, this is reall encouraging to other ethiopians.
    I proud of Debteraw, Wondimu And Bettyeeeee.
    Ermias T

  4. HI Guys,
    My great appreciation for the concern and the effort by Debtaraw and the contributor Dr. Wondimu.Remebering our fellow Ethiopians at this crucial time in such a way is the least we can offer them. I like to thank Dr. Wondimu in his endeavour to see the light out of darkness at this lowest time in our history.It’s either to be or no to be. Our survival is at stake.May god give you more courages and a will in hi-lighting the flight of our compatroit every where in the world.
    I’ll add my respect to betty in her heroic and brave act in liberating her and friends from this despair. Eventhough it arises as the consequences of human made disaster but the main issue lies behined the uncareing and dictatorous regim in Ethiopia which made all this happen at the first place.
    Betty I would like to wish you all the best and your deeds is educational to all of us may god be with you in this endeavour.

  5. I would like to say.. it’s great poem… the same time betty i kouw it’s difficult for you..your separated by miles from your family.. hope everthing come good… be stronger…


  6. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww……………..,
    Betty really wondemu endalew our pearl nat….betam wub dimes…wub..anegager wub..getmowch yaluat koratuaa betty…inkuachen betty kaltwoch yansugnal Gin kelaye tutu endalew serawochuan be rasua dimeswochua…betakerbachew des yilenal fiker yemyasyzew tinishewaa betty be fiker ketenedfut mekakel mekue…negnn ke ethio current affires room Dc

  7. Dear Debteraw

    Betty is our lovely sister the one who love from heart.Thank you ,Dr, Wondimu for remembering our little sister. I aske the Lord to bless you to guide you and protect you.As you go along your way is love is always with you when you give him all your cares,you know he will see you through. Ayzoshe konjo, with the bless of god you will be happy.

  8. sup guys–bettyee fiker—bettye–yewah–betyye azagnua–betty teum andebet—betty yeigna nat—bettye wondemu be bireh silasebekat amsegenalehu–bettye enwdeshalen medahanyalem yektelesh–yehen yemekra gefet be tilek koratenet eyekemshiew dekemgn amemegn slechegnn satye be lijenetesh le hulum ye inatente tsebayesh–becha betty hule endemtyew–yalefal!!ayzuacehu!!eneberta!!entebaber!!wub kaltwocheshh wub megebaresh bezihu ketybeyet enwedshalen..debetraw amesgenalehu..wondemu geta yebarkeh….

  9. Bettyeeeeeeeee yeine konjyee lij weddddddddddded new eshi yemaregsh mechem anchin lemagnet yaltesalekut tabot yelem minalebet yehe hulu wend dej sitena endew kora alesh lenegru kurilegnn yeinee abeba degemo ayheuelsh min enageralehu fiker nesh beka..!!

  10. >Ye bettye yemayresagn ena bemiyamerew Dimesuaa yasleksechen ken alresawem Kiber yalat ehet nat Hulem kiber yegbash betty ehetee..amesgenalehu::

  11. Eyut Mamushyen ye erab Tikusat aqatelot
    Rabegn balachew Tyit syagoresut
    kurbetu indarere indih sifegemut
    Hule indechelemee sihon ye Esat-irat……

  12. betty…bekale yatenhuachew getmwochesh bezu nachew lezare embayen kawerdekubet kelaye yesafekut jeba libelsh beye new…Adnaksih Sam..ethiocurrent

  13. bettyee, you are amazing.Berchi yene ehete yemyalfe neger yelem,ayzoshe

  14. Thank you debteraw, thank you Dr. Wondmu.

    Now to you Bettyeeee,
    what shall I say to express my admiration to you appropriately? I know I can’t.
    Though, allow me to say something.
    To say the least, right from the start as I first time heard you reading your poem in Ethiopian current affairs discussion forum I became addicted to them as a drug Junky to his drugs. Now, I hear them once and once again with a great passion.

    Ene endanchi yihe new yemaibal liyu teseteo yalew sew alayehum emegnign.
    Yanchin chelota bemimeleket “endet lihon yichlal?” Lemilew tiyaqeyem fetsmo mels alagegnehuletm.
    Menun adnqe menun letewew? Mertesh yeteteqmshachwun qalatochn trat ena wubet new weys be enesu yeserashachewn arefte negeroch? Ye gitmochishin yizet weys aweqaqer? – Alawqm!
    Beteleyayu gudayoch lay yemisemashin geltseshal. Ende ene yalut adnaqiwochish yemigeremut gin endet yehchi lij bezih edmewa smetuan bezih, lenegrish bemalchlew trat, ena dereja (quality) letigelts tichilalech new.
    Gitmochish yeteleyaye getsita alachew; lezih new engdih yemaitegebut. Ande lesles yale yizota yizew yiqerbalu. Belela bota degmo betam tenkara honew yimetalu, betam tilq ena sir yesededu, yebeselu nachew – ke anchi edme dereja yemaitebqu. Lezih new wustn yeminkakuna yemianesasut, yemiasasbut, yemiasaznut, keziam alfew eske masleqesm yemidersut.
    Bettyeee, anchi le hagerachin le Ethiopia ena le wegenochachin yaleshin fiqr ena akbrot ye enesun bedel ena seqay, chigir, trunet …degagmesh bemideneq melk geltseshal. Yihem bezuwochachin yemiseman smet bihonm gin yihen smet beqalat megletsu ende anchi lalu letewesenu, yeteleye teseteow lalachew sewoch, yeteqemete new.
    Bettyeeee, anchi qalatochun (agelaletsochishin) keyet new yemtwesjachew? Le misale: “ye nib qoda”. Ene afen yefetahut be amargna bihonm gin yene astesaseb (imagination) beqi aydelem endenezih yalutn qalatoch lemefter, lemaweq weym lemeteqem. Lela misale kasfelege: Mushraye blesh yeseyemshim gitimn lemadneq qalat yelugnm

    As if all this was not enough…

    Bettyeee, I loooooove your voice. It is so wonderful and powerful as well. It makes your feelings genuine and credible. It conveys all the moods in the poems and makes them tangible. I love that unique way you read your poems.
    Nobody in Gods earth could read them better than you do, I bet!

    Bettyeee my heartfelt wish for you is that you will get all imaginable chance preferably of education to evolve in to what nature meant you to be.
    You are a personnification of a unique talent. You are a source of inspiration for so many people now and those yet to come. You are an enrichment for our culture. Your observations and analysis are laser sharp. You are simply irrestible. Believe me I am not exaggerating.
    As you can see I still didn’t mention the hardship you had to bear in Lebanon and your courageous deeds to go through that life threatening journey. Even though you have little resources and possibilities you have still managed and manage to help our compatriots.

    So the question once again: How can it be that a single person so brave, so strong and so richly gifted? – I still don’t know.

    Thank you for the tears I shade hearing your wonderful poems.

    May God bless you, my dear. Akebrshalehu!

    With love.

  15. Bettye lol yeman neshena anbesituaa teruu zare ande belsh jemershal nege degemo ke wondemu kalew kokeb werdesh be mider laye zinash yegonasefal gena…Ale gena Ale gena…..
    love u

  16. bettyee egziabher kenante gar yihun.lehulum egziabher chigirachihun yismachihu.beterefe yakimachinen hulu lemadireg wede huala anilim.bertu kegonachihu nen.yalachihubetin ketema sim tsafulin ina yeminakache turkoch gar madireg yeminichilewun inimokiralen.amlek hule kegonachihu yihn bertu tesfa atikuretu.

  17. Debeteraw ena wondemu amesgenalehu gin….yehone site ayche neber ye betty eski eyewena kechalek ante site laye betawetut serawchuan arif neber lemangnawem asebubet eski …..
    Bettuyea enwedshalene!!egzyabehere yetbekelen

  18. Selam Debetraw plz why u dont put her UNHCR petition in ur site ?its better than her pvt web site tnk

  19. inkuan adersesh bettye amesgenalehu le addisu ye wene ena fiqer yazelew abebayhosh..korteh tensa korteh kkkk really ur wonderful lady

  20. İ am more than happy to read the poet of Dr. wondımu mokonen ….i surprised too much the way he describe what she has suffered coz İ am ethiopıan lıvıng ın turkey and i heard bad storıes lıke betty,s lall the time here…but he wrıte ıt as he were there…. this hıstory ıs not only betty but most of ethiopıans lıvıng ın turkey …who comes from beruıt…
    thanks Dr. wondımu

  21. thx dr.!!
    How I would I know betty live that kind of life when I hear talking on paltalk?(her poew)
    How I would I know when betty ask me in pv how I am ?
    How I would I know ? betty dear you should tell or send the link ages a go— I cry …
    I will send all of my friend about ur link….!

    God belss you in every single way…I will contact you you
    pls thank you for sending me the link !

  22. disgusting to see a the Dr. using a very sad story to make his point. always snifing stories he can twist to make his twisted politics.

  23. Betty also using mostly bad and sad story always she is very young and have a briiliant future life i Resepest u Dear

  24. Dear bettisha selamtayen keruq gobezua lij leUNHCR kalemtyekesh amesgneshalehu wendemu ena Debterawem mesganaye yelake new wusteuan selgobegnacehu wuset yazelewen aychewalehu…berchilegn anbesitua yehager gubel akebershalehu!!

  25. kikiyeeeee selam endet nesh fiqer selam negnn tawekyalesh warka cyber laye yemtsefyachew getemochesh anbebeb gud new yalekut betam destgna negnn
    akbarish selam

  26. hi betty i love you so much it is very very good getemoc . gobse ketyebet la serawcsh adenakesh ney
    sedtyawa ehtsh hiwot

  27. Hi
    melkame Genna !!

  28. please contact me

    I am lıve ın Turkey,

  29. ምነው አማርኛ እዚህ ጋ መጻፍ አይቻልም እንዴ?ስለ ቤቲ ግጥሙን ስላልሰማሁት የምለው የለኝም ነገር ግን ወንድሞች ሃሳባቸውን በ አማርኛ ለመግለጽ ያላቸውን ጉጉት በመመልከት ኪማንን ዳውን ሎድ አድርጎ መጻፍ እንደሚቻል ለመጠቆም ነው
    kiman ከዚህ ጋ ማውረድድ ይቻላል
    ከ አክብሮት ጋር

  30. ወንድማችን ሙሐመድ

    እዚህ ላይ በአማርኛም መጣጣፍ የሚቻል መሆኑን ስለጠቆምከን አመሰግንሃለሁ።

  31. Bettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy betty ARATEFASH EBAKESHE KATEYBATE BAFATERASH . …………….



  34. What an amazing girl, Betty you are! You prefer freedom to comfort. That shows the quality you possess in your soul. I believe all the difficult moments are now over. May God richly reward you for your courage and examplary act.

  35. And Happy New 2000 Year!!!

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  37. bettyee egziabher kenante gar yihun.lehulum egziabher chigirachihun yismachihu.beterefe yakimachinen hulu lemadireg wede huala anilim.bertu kegonachihu nen.yalachihubetin ketema sim tsafulin ina yeminakache turkoch gar madireg yeminichilewun inimokiralen.amlek hule kegonachihu yihn bertu tesfa atikuretu i love you bettyeeeeeeee your sis kandiiii

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